The Internet Revolution


We are at the front door step of a new revolution, and I think it’s getting lost among many people. It’s the very thing you’re using right now at this moment. That’s the Internet. Some people still think of the Internet as a mere fad,
or a gateway to free porn, and it’s not.  The Internet has open the door to millions, to artist and people around the world to voice their opinions, share their work, become a hit sensation in  mere seconds.

As for me, I’m an indie writer. I welcome the Internet, twenty years ago my work would have never gotten notice or read by anyone. Now, I allow my work to reach so many people over the world by sharing one document over the net, that reaches a woman/man in Sydney.

Think about that for a second, over the world! Some people just don’t see the big picture of how this tool is shaping the foundation of life.  In ten years, you’ll have to be familiar with it, because the Internet is becoming this new generations source for Music, Tv, Books, Comedy and research. The best thing, it’s free.

Some will jump at this and say ”  That means any yahoo can make a show and flood the market with bad crap.” True, but doesn’t that happen in traditional media as well? I’ve seen my share of  What the fuck ” WTF”  moments when I’ve walked into a thereat, or a book on the shelves, and even tv.  Like anything in life, sometimes you find that hidden gem that just wows you and sweeps you off your feet.

Not for a second do I believe big companies are just going to turn the other way, I expect them to go at the artist and even challenge them to do better. When big companies jump in, the battle for who should been seen will start. This doesn’t mean an artist should just say ” Oh well, I give up.” No, as an artist you should express and voice your words to the people. Because the Internet is an open source, if they charge $5, an indie artist can give the people a free or lesser price for their own work.

Look at the News Paper and Radio, two things that have been hurt badly since the Internet has come to play. The people of Iran showed how necessary the Internet it is. And it’s this, that will open the eyes of the new generation coming to this world a bit more teach savvy then their old counterparts.

I still think the golden rule for any artist is, ” write for yourself, and never let anyone or anything cloud your passion.”  When you’re done, it’s up to you as what you should do with your work. For me, it’s been free and I stand by it.  I want to share my work with everyone.

For anyone out there, wanting to write, create a movie, play your music, DO IT! Never live life wondering what if? The Internet is allowing you to grasp a long awaited dream. This is your time, represent indie, represent  yourself.


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