Jessenovels Projects Updates

I wanted to update you guys on the newest, recent projects I’ve finished, and the ones that are coming out this coming month. So, let’s get started.

As you all know, Batman: Year One and the L.N.S.A are set to make their return with months and months of non- stop chapters. To add an extra bonus, the return of 3-way might be in the mix as well. I have written over five new sketches that are ready to come bursting out and infecting the web in a good.

L.N.S.A has taken a short rest, but things are coming back at full speed, as the new chapters and short stories release this late September. The L.N.S.A will come alive in it’s own Twitter short story that is set to release this October. With the main character soon to be reveled on September 11, 2009.

Batman: Year One is a go, this December 1, 2009  the new re-telling of the Dark Knight hits the web. Batman: Year One will be broken into small parts through out each month, I wanted to finish this project before this year, but school and life have gotten in the way. Does this mean people will be waiting months until a new chapter? Hell no, I have Seven Chapters of the Batman: Year One ready and more in writing, so don’t sweat it.


Dragon Ball the movie script is set to release this July 7th but I am rethinking the release date and pushing for January 1, 2010 release date.  A nice way to kick off the new year.  I’ll give a solid conformation on November.

Wonderland is a dark twisted story that will in fact make some people regret they even read the story. This new dark tale has no release date, but it is targeted for a 2010 release. As of right now, I can’t release any more information.

The Idiots Gudie To Masturbation And Sucide, comes from the twisted world of 3-way,  if you’ve read my sketchs, then you know what you’re walking into, or do you?  The title really tells the story in itself, still no date when it’ll come out but it’s set for 2010 as well.

( Finished Projects)

Bang Bang Blame, a titled that I poured my soul into is out on It’ll make a whole web release on September 22. B.B.B will become a free e-book on and on the site very soon.

Well, that’s all for now. I wish I could dazzle you with something, but, this was just a quick rundown to show you, that yes I’m still writing like the dickens and still promoting the indie writer as always. I’m Jesse Abundis, be safe my friends.

Link to: Bang Bang Blame


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