Saint Valentine


People will call Saint Valentine filth that has no place in art because, I blast religion, the concept of life, and the mistreat of women in modern life and throughout history. The people who have reviewed the story have jump on and called it a shock value story,  which only seeks hits and reviews.

I just laugh, I never wrote a story to seek that attention. I merely wrote the story to show how this so-called lovely thing we live in called life, is twisted, bizarre, and psychotic to the core. In a world where we take the worst and accept it as for the norm. People being mislead and misused for propaganda and tools for war.

This story simply stands because in my life I have asked these questions and thought to myself what a twisted place this is. Of course everyone elses views will clash with mine. But ask yourself , does this story upset you because it makes you rethink your view on life?

Link to the story:

Link to the story:


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