March 1, 2010 all hell breaks loose

The start date kicks off once again this March 1, 2010.  I took time off because I need to sort some things in my life, this isn’t me saying goodbye to writing, this me doing what needs to be done so the site can grow. Updates will come as they always do, promoting the indie writers will take place as always, and updates on projects will keep following as it was before.

I plan to take the site to new places on March 2010, I  want to make the site more interactive and expand our presence over the web.  I want to see soon that the site has it own url and beings  to do monthly podcast and youtube videos.

This is the story line up for March 2010




– Batman: Year One Chapter 1

– Dragon Ball Movie Script Pt 1

– LNSA: Twitter Short Story

– Two Interactive online pages

I really wish I could pull all this now, but first things first. Keep strong, and keep your faith. I’m still on the site updating I’m going to start promoting the indie writer this coming week. Hope to see you soon 🙂


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