L.N.S.A – Doctor: Emma Haislip, Taped Recording Of Session #1 –

Doctor: Emma Haislip
Taped Recording Of Session #1
With Subject 101

Haislip: Subject 101 how do you feel today?

Elle: Why do you call me that?

Haislip: It’s your given name.

Elle: My name is Elle.

Haislip: That’s your codename, you have no name. You’re a weapon don’t ever forget that.

Elle: A Weapon?

Haislip: Let’s talk about what happened with the two guards.

Elle: A Weapon?

Haislip: You were given orders to use your ability on a target practice last week, why didn’t you?

Elle: Is that what you call it, a target practice?

Haislip: What would you call it?

Elle: She was a young girl, she was gagged and tied down to a chair.

Haislip: And?

Elle: forget it.

Haislip: Subject 101 is not progressing , she’s showing a much greater attachment to her feelings than the rest.

Elle: Who are you talking to?

Haislip: My request for termination should be taken to heart.

Elle: Termination?

Haislip: It was nice meeting you Elle, I have….

Elle: We’re not done.

Haislip: I can’t move.

Elle: You want to harm me, just like they wanted to!

Haislip: Let me go!

Elle:  This is what you call a “ Target Practice” right doc?

Haislip: This isn’t funny Elle, LET ME GO!

Elle: Do you want to see what I can do?

Haislip: GUARDS, GUARDS!!!!!!!

( Noises in the background )

Elle: The first thing I’m going to do is crack open your skull


Elle: I know your kind doctor,  you’re a monster.

Haislip: Elle, if you let me go, I promise I’ll stop everything, please, please let me go.

Elle: No, it ends hear.

Haislip: ELLE NOOOO!

– Four Minutes Later Into The Recording –

Guard 1: Oh fuck.

Guard 2: The doctor is all over the place.

Guard 3: Aim you weapons at her, that bitch looks at you funny shot her.

Elle: KILL ME!

Guard 4: Don’t think I won’t bitch!

Guard 5: Let’s kill her now.

Elle: Do it, let me have it you mother fuckers!

Guard 3: You heard her, weapons free….

???:  Weapons down now!

Guard 3: Jesus.

???: Everyone one stand back, secure her  agent.

Elle: Stay away from me!

???: Elle relax we’re here to help you.

Elle: You can’t help me.

Guard 3: She murder the doctor !

???: I see that.

Elle: You should kill me, I’m not safe.

???: You will be. I can help you.

Elle: Who are you?!

???: My name is Constantine.

Guard 4: You can’t take her without Dr. Sullivan orders.

Constantine: I don’t care, as of now this never happened. Doctor Emma Haislip was never here. Any of you talk and you’ll have to deal with me.

Guard 4: Mother fucker, jesus.

Constantine : Got it!

Guards: Yes, sir.

Constantine : Good. Now, clean this shit up.


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