Will Shenmue be next?

I’ve talked about this project in the past, Shenmue is one of my favorite series in video game history because of powerful storytelling.  The novel concept has been forgotten because such other projects like Saint Valentines and Batman: Year One. These past days I’ve found myself thinking of the series once more and my ideas to bring it back to life in a novel.

It’s no shocker if Shenmue does get made into novel by me very soon, seeing how I have the Doctor Who novel and the Dragon Ball script in the wings in the near future, it’s as though all my favorite series will be made into a novel sooner or later. just look at Batman. But, this series would go beyond anything I’ve done before, the plot and characters are so well detailed that it’s hard to play around with the world of Shenmue. Then again I don’t want to write what you can play and find out for yourself.

 I want to bring the series back to life in a new way with the same storyline but a darker tone, I still haven’t sat myself down and plot how I would like the story to appear, I’ve been playing with the idea back and forth in my mind trying to find something I like.

For now Shenmue will have to be on the waiting table with the rest, but  I can see the Novel around the corner very soon. I’ll make sure to let you all know more soon when I begin to write the 1st draft, or when I start to tackle this series more aggressively.


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