L.N.S.A taking off again

The L.N.S.A always seem to stop and go, I needed to put a halt early 2008 so I could work on more chapters. I didn’t want to rush things then have the novel take a turn for the worst and have people thinking ” this novel is going nowhere” Now I have enough chapters to power through all the way until summer of 2010.

I’m very hard headed to put a halt on the series, I want to and will keep treating the readers more chapters as the months pass by. This series is over 142 chapters long, and there’s no way I want to stop  and release this novel until I’m done.

The L.N.S.A was meant and is for the readers online and every where around the world. This is your free novel, and I hope you enjoy it.

It does feel great to see this series back in the driver seat, 2009-2010 the L.N.S.A and Batman: Year One will be leading the pack. 

New Links to the L.N.S.A Chapters

L.N.S.A CH 3

L.N.S.A New Side Story Prologue


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