True Romance

I’ve just wrapped up a new short story called True Romance, which deals with a dark side of a person searching for answers. Right off the bat this new short story could be called the Sequel to both Bang Bang Blame and Saint Valentine. This was a project that came to light a few months back, as you know short stories always seem to throw me at a lost,  they seem more of a harder project to take on, but at the same time I find myself stepping outside the box with them and creating something new in the forum of storytelling.

True Romance was just a story that was easy to  put on paper, it was like Saint Valentine in a way, where real human emotion played a major part. As was with Bang Bang Blame, but B.B.B was more of my own human experience, which made it a harder task to put down. It’s not an easy thing to throw so much of you out in the open.

True Romance allows me to put down the view of some many other people who have been hurt and have had life just take them around a whirlwind and just changed who they were. I think a part I can relate to and many others will too.

The way the story is told, is one I know many will have a hard time grasping because it’s not the norm. This is something I’m always doing when it comes to short stories, it’s in my blood to create and change what we read. Could the story been written any other way, the answer is ” no ” because True Romance wasn’t meant to be written any other way. This is how the story is, it’s up to the reader to decide at the end if they like or not.

You can tell I’m not giving too much about the book away. This is me keeping you wanting when True Romance comes out this February. I want you guys to experience the story when it comes, after that I’ll rant my ass off. 🙂 It’s what I do. 

So, I hope you guys check out True Romance this February. In the mean time check out Bang Bang Blame and Saint Valentine to get a feel what you’re in for.


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