Indie Writer Q&A with Jamie

Author site: Fishyman

Q: What got you into writing?

Jamie:   I’m not really sure. I wrote short stories a lot in elementary school, so I guess you could say I’ve just always been into writing

Q:  How did “ The Eyes Of A Psychopath “ come to be?

Jamie:  Last year, I was bored in Psychology class when we had a free period and basically just started writing out of boredom. In case you couldn’t tell, we were learning about personality disorders at the time 😛

Q: What are you working on right now?

Jamie: I’m not writing anything at the moment, but lately I’ve been working on a sequel series to the Vernon series, which is a series of short stories I have up.

Q:  Have taken the leap to twitter yet?

Jamie:  Naw. Twitter doesn’t really seem like my style. I honestly don’t see why anyone would care what I happen to be doing at every minute of the day.

Q:   There’s a huge negative outlook with self publish writers, that they cannot make it without going through the old tradition way of a publishing house. What’s your take on it?

Jamie: I’m afraid I don’t know a lot about the publishing world, but making it as a writer is hard enough already, so I would imagine it would be easier if you’re backed by a publisher, rather than self publishing. Again, I’m not an expert on publishing, so I can’t really say for sure.

Q: Do you think the internet helps writers get notice, or do you think this will harm writers in the long run with copyright issues and plagiarism ?

Jamie: The internet helps and hurts for exactly those reasons, but I think the helping outweighs the hurting. The internet lets writers show their work to people all over the world, which would normally be impossible – though copyright and plagiarism could be an issue for more famous writers. It seems uncommon, though – I would honestly be surprised if anyone tried to plagiarise my work.

Q: Do you think honors the indie writer by giving them a home to write and promote or is a hobby site?

Jamie:  Yeah, I think it does. Without WDC, well, I would probably find some other writing website eventually, but I wouldn’t have nearly as much as exposure as if I, say, posted stories on random forums – that’s just ineffective, for the most part.

Q: My favorite question to ask is, what fan fiction would you like to tackle ?

Jamie:   I’m assuming you mean tackle in a literal sense, in which case that would definitely be Twilight. I would actually hold a level of respect for Twilight fanfic if people were making up their own characters in the Twilight universe, but I haven’t seen a single person do that. Everyone just uses the characters in the book.

Q:  Any last words you’d like to leave the readers on the site?

Jamie: Hmm. Give dark, macabre stories a chance?


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