Doctor Who is on it’s way

Early 2009 I talked a lot about doing a Doctor Who novel, one that wasn’t the same Doctor we’ve seen on the BBC shows. My goal was to make something new, something different. But things got in the way, I had huge plate of projects that hit the web and really pushed the idea back. Now that we’re in 2010, and with my projects getting lighter through out the year , 2011 seems like the perfect time to bring the time lord to life.

Will it be a novel? that’s something I’m very unsure about,  I’ve played with the Novel idea so many times and the series seems to lose the edge it could have. So, I’ve come up with a new way to bring the series to life and not the title it a novel or even have it be a one storyline project.

The way I have it created has me saying ” This is how it should be, this is right. Now I can really invest my time into it.”  The idea of calling it  a Novel really just bores me to death, I’ve trained myself to refer to it as series now. I think it’s going to be hard for the reader to grasp what I’m trying to do different, but you’ll see once it’s out.

One of my major things coming into this, is not copying a David Tennant. This my Doctor, this my world. So, fans and readers should be prepare to  see something new, one different from the t.v series. the thing I will not change is the Tardis, you just don’t do that. So, that will remain as is.

This year’s Indie Revolution will be jammed packed with news about the Doctor Who project I have planned. I’ll even release details about the way I have this series setup as of now. I’ll see you this July with more information. At this time it still running around my head and not fully developed.

Once I have a few pages down on paper, I’ll treat you all to the Doctor Who series. See you soon. 🙂

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