Q&A with Kitty

The first time I saw Kitty’s homemade musical on youtube , I was blown away. I knew I wanted to do a Q&A with her and now I had that pleasure of doing so. It was amazing , she’s a very kind person and a gifted artist. I hope you guys take the time to check out her work.

Twitter Page: Petitealamode

Youtube Page: petitearistocrat

( This Q&A was done live via Yahoo. Hope you guys enjoy )

Jesse: For people who don’t know who you are, you post short musicals on Youtube, which are simply amazing. I find myself thinking ” Wow this girl is artistic as hell.” When did you start doing this and what pushed you to share your creation online?

Kitty:  I started it last year. I just did it for fun, really. I was encouraged to do more by the people on youtube who commented, saying they wanted to see more.
Jesse: What was your first video?

Kitty: My first musical one?

Jesse: Yes.

Kitty:  My Alice in Wonderland “A world of my own” video.
( Kitty Performs: Alice in Wonderland “A world of my own” )

Jesse: How much time goes into making one of these videos?

Kitty:  Well, the footage takes a couple hours at most. The pre-recording of the audio for the singing takes 10 minutes or so. The most time consuming part is putting the clips together and matching them up with the audio. This can take a couple hours, as I don’t have the best software or much experience.

Jesse:  Do you only do Disney?

Kitty: Well, thus far I’ve only made two. So at the moment, I suppose that is true. *Nod* I can really only do scenes from shows I have the costumes for. Or can put one together for. *Nod*

Jesse:  How many costumes do you have !?

Kitty:  Hm… I’m not really sure… If you mean just costumes in general, and not character specific… Around… 20, I believe? Perhaps more?

Jesse: Is there any chance you can loan me an Alice wonderland costume, small, if you have a spare. kidding.

Kitty: *smile*

Jesse: What new video are you working on now?

Kitty:  Well, I’ve wanted to do a “Teddy Bear picnic” one for a while, but I doubt I shall be able to any time soon. I’m also considering a Thumbelina video or Meg from Hercules…

Jesse: Will you ever create your own original musical creation?

Kitty: Not likely. I don’t play any instruments, so it would not be possible to create the music for it. Besides, these are just fun projects to do when I’m a bit bored.

Kitty: I’ve wanted to do a duet scene with my husband but he refuses. *Giggle*

Jesse:  Now that’s something I want to see.

Kitty: *smile*

Jesse:  Do people recognize you, when your walking down the street?

Kitty: I’ve been recognized around town before, but not because of my musical videos. *Giggle* There are only 2 after all. Usually people recognize me from my photos they’ve seen online or various other videos I have on my youtube page. *Nod*

Kitty: A few people recognize me from when I used to go do karaoke

Jesse:  Well, you do have an amazing voice after all. As do I * nose grows*

Kitty:  *Smile*

Jesse:  It’s been a blast doing this Q&A with you, you are the first musical artist to be on the site, is there anything you’d like to say to the readers on the site, a special message ?

Kitty:  Well I am flattered that you chose to do a Q&A with me. And especially on my musical youtube videos. I wasn’t expecting that. *Giggle* Let’s see… a message… Whatever you do, whether it’s just a hobby or something you wish to make a career out of… Make sure you have fun. *Nod* Always enjoy what you do. Otherwise there is really little point in doing it…

( I would like to thank Kitty for taking some time from her busy  schedule to do the Q&A. I really hope we get to do another one in the future )


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