Q&A With Indie Artisit Pearce Holland from the Geekachicas



Twitter Page: Pearceholland

Pearce Holland is a fantastic journalist for the site Geekachicas.com, I had the pleasure of doing a live Q&A with her yesterday. If you people haven’t heard of Geekachicas.com, do yourself  a favor and visit the site. 

( This Q&A was conducted live via Yahoo Messenger )

Jesse: For those who might not know you, you’re a journalists for the site Geekachicas.com, THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB! see what I did 😉 When did you join the Geekachicas?

Pearce: I see what you did there! But to answer the actual question, the webmistress approached me when the site was still in the idea stage. So I suppose I’ve been around from the beginning. It’s been really cool to watch GC develop it’s readership from scratch.

Jesse: What were you doing before GC?

Pearce: well, I taught a technical college, started a liquor manufacturing business, and opened a consulting company, the last two I’m obviously still doing.

Jesse: Is there anyway I can get free liquor? Kidding

Pearce: Hahahaha! We’re bound by very strict laws  as far as samples and free liquor are concerned. What I like to suggest is that people go to their regular bar, club, liquor store, whatever and ask for Southern Alchemy’s absinthe, Esprit Vert. Then when I do make it to that area while doing sales we’ve already got a foot in the door.

Jesse: well, I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Jesse: Next question, what sets GC apart from other sites?

Pearce: I’d say the tone of the site itself. The tagline ” Geeky. Cheeky. Femme.” Kind of says it all. It’s pretty much a site that encourages a lot of female bloggers from various comers of geekdom to come and speak their minds about a very wide variety of topics. So one day, someone might be writing about food, exercise,  old television shows, politics.. You never quite know what’s going to pop into our heads.

Jesse: How many writers are they at GC?

Pearce: at this point, wow… Almost 20.

Jesse:  I’m not a chica, but I can be if you let me join the site!

Pearce: *LOL* That sort thing isn’t up to me 🙂 Although one of the Chicas did join at my recommendation. That has to taken up with the webmistress.

Jesse : Webmistress if you read this, I work for POGS!

Pearce: *LOL!*

Jesse: Where would you like to see the GC go in the future?

Pearce: Honestly, I’d love to just get more readers, of course, but I also VERY much want people to start interacting with us on the site a bit more. We know people are reading, and we know people have opinions ( sometimes strong ones ) about what we write, but I’d really like to see that show up more in the comments left on each piece. Let us, the authors, debate you on the subject if you disagree. Let’s have actual dialogue happening.

Jesse: Do you feel  that GC has to work harder for the readers with a lot of other sites being male dominant or is that a non factor?

Pearce: Honestly, I don’t think it’s much of a factor. I’m sure there are those who would disagree, but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think the ” Male dominated” thing is an issue. It DOES lead to certain assumptions which we’ve discussed in some writings – for exampl. women are often aasumptions which we’ve discussed in some of our writings – for example, women are often assume to be the spouse who was dragged along at cons instead of being just as gung-ho as the men,but those are all things we mention now and again and things we’d like to discuss. We’re not a man hating site by far. Actually, we love the pretty men folk and we”re not afraid to mention it.

Jesse: Send some love this way, kidding. But you guys rock.

Pearce: Aw, thanks. 🙂 We appreciate the support so much. Of course Chicas love you!

Jesse: I know you’re Doctor Who fan,as am I, so whose your favorite Doctor?

Pearce: Oh man, I can’t pick a favorite on that one. Doctor Who is one of those shows I used to sneak out of bed to watch at 2AM with my dad when I was a kid, along with classic Trek. For me, it’s just nice warm happy fuzzy feeling.

Jesse: It’s been a blast doing this Q&A with you, is there anything like to say to the readers who visit the site?

Pearce: You mean aside from the obligatory ” read Geekachicas, be on the lookout for my absinthe, and follow @geekachicas @pearceholland on twitter?” hmmm. Definitely speak your minds. Just make sure you it coherently and not LyKe tHIS just because it’s the internet. It’s to have real discussion with people. So yeah, it’s just the internet.. but don’t be afraid to have some real debates.

( What a great Q&A, and here’s hoping we get to do another in the near future )


One thought on “Q&A With Indie Artisit Pearce Holland from the Geekachicas

  1. Wow! Thanks Pearce and Jesse for the plug! We love you, too. 😉
    We’re not opposed to having a man-chica write for the site, by the way (a spouse of one of the original people I approached to write for the site was granted ‘honorary chica’ status, but he never wrote anything). So we’re game (especially if you don’t mind being slightly objectified — we figger it happens to us everywhere else on the web, the fellas can handle a little cheek-pinching from us *wink*). Drop me an email if you have an article or idea you’d like to share.

    And thanks again for the plug!

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