( Creating a world outside the novel )


It’s a bold and  ambitious move. But, I wanted the readers to feel apart of something more than just a Novel. This is why I created three sites that will circle around the novel itself. Call these short stories if you want, but, each of these sites will give you a look into what’s happening outside the novel, and what’s to come in the next.

I wanted to bail on the idea a few months ago, thinking something like this wouldn’t just be able to sail. But, after much thought I pushed myself to get these sites done. I want the reader to feel that they’re apart of something big, a novel is fun, but I want them to enjoy themselves,  just because a chapter ends, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. This is why the sites are created, they give the readers a deeper depth into the city, giving the novel life even after the book is done.

I hope you guys enjoy, and follow these sites 🙂





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