( New characters different tone to the world of Gotham )

Ekk! Could this be, never before seen characters gracing the pages of my Batman: Year One novel… ISN”T THE CHARACTERS OF THE COMICS ENOUGH! Well, no. As you know, the main thing coming into this project, is that this is my Batman world. Differnt from the DC, yes the idea is there’s. But, in no way does that mean I must obey or follow what’s been done to death a million times.

The new characters add a different story arch, allowing the past characters to take on a different roles than before. It takes the Batman world into a different route. Gloria Redfield and Ichi who are just two of the new characters bring a spin, Gloria is just a power hungry reported , that is looking and searching for the next story that will shoot her up to the top, but her need for fame may send her down the path of no return.

Ichi is just a mad house demon, he’s the new face of evil, someone whose not going to let anyone scare him. Readers will get to see the devil, and he has a name ” Ichi” I wanted someone to be that force of chaos in the novel, seeing how Joker isn’t even a issue in this novel or the next. I know shocking to rule out the clown prince of Gotham, but I like I said before, there’s a time and a place. Right now, he doesn’t fit in.

Ichi no way, is a copy or knock off the Joker, that would just be poor writing on my part. Ichi, is part of the crime syndicate in Gotham. One that will force the Dark Knight to take a more voilent apporach in dealing with him.

Ichi, is a 100%  homage to Takashi Miike, a man whose infuncled me like so many other artist have done so in the past. And, no, this isn’t a knock off of Ichi from ” Ichi The Killer” I would have to a very lazy writer to do so.

The new characters really let me think outside the box, and just allow me to be creative without feeling be pushed into a corner and when you’re a Batman fan, you always feel that you have to do right to your favorite franchise. I galdy can say I have.

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