( Recreating the characters & Changing The Past )


To me, this was one of the most important things I had to do, if I wanted to create my own Batman. I couldn’t just take what was used in the past and pass it off as mines. I had to block out the “ What will the fans of the series think?” because right there, I would be selling myself short and the novel. I just couldn’t do that.

I studied the material, I read “ Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, The Haunted Knight , The Dark Victory, The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Archives, Vol 1 ) to brush up on the world of Batman. I wanted to read the history of each character, then I sat down and just let the information soak in, then I went to work in breaking them down and creating my  own version of them.  

One character I took and just changed his history is “ Solomon Grundy ” I couldn’t see someone being brought back from the grave very realistic. Despite I’m working with fiction, that wasn’t the tone I wanted to bring to this novel, I was aiming for something believable. This might be the only character I  divulge information about. Solomon is turned into a serial killer/ rapist who prays on the women in the Narrows. He lives underground the city of Gotham free from the public eye, he even has own type of lair that no dares cross without facing the wrath of Solomon Grundy.He pretty much is looked at as a myth by many, and no one in Gotham really wants to go under to see if he’s exist.

So, you can see where I’m aiming with the characters. I wanted to bring something new, like I said before this isn’t your Bob Kane’s or DC’s Batman. Trust me It’s not an easy thing to accomplish, because this is such a successful franchise. Does it need any retooling? The only way I could see this novel going any further, is if I adapt it to my liking. Make the characters into what I want them to be, not what’s been written before. Readers should be treated to something new, it’s up to them to decided if they like it or not. In the end, I know I created something that was mine.

Characters like the Riddler, would be changed. This story won’t start with Riddler, we’ll start with the man Edward Nigma. Well he changed to the Riddler? Maybe not, you could see Edward become a hero, one standing up for the people in Gotham. This is what I mean by creating something new. So, Bat fans beware. This is a new Batman.


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