The road to Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One has come a long way, it started off as this idea to be a collective bunch of short stories chronically Batman’s crime fighting adventures, this was at the time when I looked at fan fiction in a negative way, I didn’t want to do to much thinking on how to create something new, I wanted something short and simple.

That was my first blue print in creating Batman, the project was going to be tackled with another writer, but it just never happened. And it was for the best, I look back at it think how short I was selling myself.

Around Christmas of 2007 I wanted to Novelist the Long Halloween comic, but I easily shot down that idea. The next one was The Birth Of The Batman, which saw us visiting a young Bruce Wayne about to attend college, once he’s away from the nest he finds out his father has been murdered. He dawns the cape to extract revenge for the death of his father, his mother Martha Wayne is a psychtraist for Arkham asylum, she runs into a young Joker who forms a bound with her.

The main villains were Carmine and the Scarecrow, I loved the different aspect of the story. But, I really didn’t see this much of an idea that would have me coming back for a second Novel. So, once again I pulled the plug on that idea. Around early 2008 I was set on the novel I wanted to create, thus Batman: Year One came to life. It stood out, I felt more comfortable with it, it wasn’t centered on one character. Like the L.N.S.A it circles around a cast of people, seeing
what will become of them with each passing chapters. It felt like an opened ended world that has so much to offer, so much to explore.

Batman: Year One has taken almost three years to get this point, but I’m very proud of the experience and the time it’s taken to get this point. Now this March it’s time for everyone to read and experience Batman: Year One.


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