Bang Bang Blame II

For now the title is Bang Bang Blame II, which won’t be the title once I’m ready to release this story.  This story can somewhat be called the Sequel to Bang Bang Blame, but that would be way off, seeing that this novel doesn’t tie in with B.B.B. 

This story takes the same dynamics that Bang Bang Blame came with and digs deeper into the dark corners of life. The story also comes with the song lyrics that B.B.B did with as well, the music  plays as another narrative, giving the reader the feel of the atmosphere.

The idea to follow in the foot steps of B.B.B came to light a few days ago, it was something I knew I had to create, the time for it was just right.

 I think people will remember this novel for years to come, with it’s dark humor and just mind-blowing characters this short story is looking to push the limits of my writing and I’m looking forward to it.  


more info as I come closer to release date.


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