L.N.S.A Volume.2

The LNSA site


LNSA vol.2 sets the tempo for the next chapters, we only saw a small part of the story in vol.1, it was the N.Y attack then to the underground base in Iceland. Vol.2 takes the reader all over the world, meeting new characters like Constantine, Mao and Melina. 

In Vol.2 we get small bits into the past, so readers  can start to put together what’s really going on here. The novel is base on the questions ” Who can I trust, what should I believe ?” That’s always been the theme for the novel, it’s a role no one wants to be in, it’s like walking into a room and knowing what’s in front isn’t what it seems. 

Chapter 3 is the main chapter for this volume, it’s the focus of who the L.N.S.A are and shines a new light on them, because at this point they’re nothing but soulless monsters. A lot of feedback from some people at the writing sites were that ” the lnsa are ruthless, nothing can justify what they did.” I enjoying hearing that from my readers, it shows me how involved they’ve become with the series. I think Chapter 3 might get some readers to look at them with a different light, or they just might disliked them even more, either way, cheers. 

Vol.2 also has the short side story that’s taken place with the novel. I releases an early draft with Vol.1, but Vol.2 has finished version with two extra chapters. The main character is Elle and her partner Sonya, two characters I enjoying writing about. They’re a nice change of pace from the novel, I hope some the readers come to love these character as we continue on. 

The LNSA VOL.2 comes out April 19, 2010 at Lulu.com. The stories will still be released monthly on writing sites around the web, but if you don’t want to wait month to month then go ahead and download this April 19, 2010.


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