Genesis Written By: Enigma

Author: Enigma

Novel: Genesis

LINK: Genesis

My Rating:  3.5 out of  5

Two sisters on the run, trying to stay alive. But, these aren’t your old plain sisters, no, their story is much deeper than that. I came to the story a little doubtful on what I would be reading, the start of the story didn’t get my hopes up for this novel at all, but I stuck with it. And I’m glad I did, because I was not disappointed.

Lydia and Ryndia are the main characters of this story, they remind a bit of the Winchester brothers from Supernatural. Lydia has a strong force within her that could spell doom and end many people if it should be unleashed.  Ryndia is the one baring the weight of the notion of her sister being a walking time bomb that can murder millions. What’s she to do, can she come to terms that perhaps she’ll need to be the one to kill her before anyone can get their hands on her?

Their journey is met with people trying to cut them down at every turn, people who want nothing but to get their hands on the Everto sealed within Lydia. ( Just a small tibit, the fights in this book…writers wet dream 😀 ] 

The closing scene in the first part of this novel is just epic and beautifully done, setting up what’s to be a blood bath for the next chapter of the series. I hope you guys check it out for yourself. This novel lives up to the hype and has only set itself up for greatness.

I’ll be doing a Q&A with the author soon, I plan to bring some very hard-hitting questions and pick her brain about the series.


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