Indie Artist spotlight ” Gordon And The Whale ”

The new age critics are here, who are they you ask, well, they are the team of Gordon And The Whale!  Blunt, honest, and they don’t give a crap who they piss off. People like Chase Whale, Rusty Gordon, James Wallace, Kate Erbland , Ronnita Miller , Allison Loring , John Mulhern , Drew Tinnin , Joshua Brunsting , Will Schiffelbein , Sean Hunter , Lauren Helixon , Lauren Lester ,James Oster ,  Clark Lamson  , Jon Davis , Kacey Close , AND THE LAZY EYE JANITOR WITH THE HEART OF GOLD Jojo. These are  the new age internet critics that will change how journalism is done. ( Maybe they don’t have a lazy eye janitor name jojo, but they should )

I wanted to give this wonderful team a huge shout out for the job well done, and hope they continue to bring the same honest quality to their fans and listeners through out the years to come. 

Their Official Website:

Twitter Page:



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