Indie Artist: Elsha Hawk



Twitter: ElshaHawk

If you guys haven’t heard of Elsha Hawk, you just did! An indie writer out there on the web writing what she wants, when she wants. On her site she has an audio sample of her new project called ” The White Chair” read by the lovely Elsha Hawk. I can’t wait to read the The White Chair myself, so many questions to ask after hearing the audio reading. Check her out and go download her book ” Variety Of Shorts” on


The Author has told me the e-book has been taken off, but the  softcover book will be available soon on I’ll have the link to the book and much more when it releases 🙂


One thought on “Indie Artist: Elsha Hawk

  1. Just so you know, The White Chair ended there, but was based on a challenge to write about a world where the arts were banned. Maybe one day it will be incorporated into a novel. My ebook, and soon to be softcover version of “Variety of Shorts”, is 90 pages of microfiction, snippets of stories, samplings of genres, full of flavors. The White Chair is only 2 pages of this variety show on paper.

    Thanks to Jesse, for the plug! As always I have several works in the making from a screenplay, to children’s epic fiction, to a YA novel. So I’m always writing or editing something!

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