Indie Artist: Ruth Lucas


Words can’t describe in what this artist does, her art work is just beyond amazing. From such drawings of Bettie Page, Norma Jean, Autumn Desire and many others. Ruth captures the incense of beauty and seduction so well. Her paintings aren’t for the shy nor the uptight.

She’s an artist that creates with her soul, not really caring what others might think. She’s my kind of artist, the type that I want to sit down with and just chat it up. I might get that chance, because she will becoming to Long Beach, California for the Marketplace of Pin-Up Art & Glamour that is Glamourcon In November.

Glamourcon takes place this November 13th and 14th, Ruth Lucas will have a table at the event, I’m hoping to be down there as well to take some photos and even get an interview with Ruth herself. In the mean time check her site out and give her a follow on Facebook, and if you have the time, signup for her newsletter.


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