Jesse & Runt Comics going Extreme!

Jesse & Runt ” Gaga Is Bad For You”

This was a childhood comic that I use to draw for my brother when he was in the Military just to make him laugh.  But the history of the comic goes way further than that, it started with a stuff bear of mine and some odd jokes, and the rest is history.

I’ve always wanted to work on this comic but I never did, that changed a month ago, when I created the first web comic series on That comic isn’t where I wanted it to be, it was too PG. I was getting my feet my wet with the first comics, I had no idea where it was going in that stage. But, it was a blast. I still tend to knock Lady Gaga around and even hit Justin Beiber.

I think these new comics will be more adult theme,  not for kids, whatsoever, or the uptight people. I’m taking things to the extreme, I’m going to make the comic that I wanted to see in the first place. My drawing might still be bad, but you can bet your ass, that you’ll leave with a grin and wet pants. ( Take that however you want) 😉

I’ll be mapping out around six comics and have them up before the end of this year, it’s going to be a blast. I kinda see some of my 3-way sketches seep into this comic, that’s how I want to tell my comics, I don’t want cute. I want funny and bizarre. I hope you guys check out the old comics and wait patiently for the new comics that should be hitting the web before the end of the year.


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