Carl the movie


Directed by: Harvey Benschoter

Starting: Loren Boyer

” A quiet factory worker gets tempted by the corporate ladder only to become the fall guy. Includes surreal visions, food fighting, and deconstructionism applied to large machines.

This is what Carl the movie is about. A man trying to make to the top, only to be screwed at the end, with the viewers getting sucked into Carl’s own down fall, as he scramble to regain sanity. Dark, crazy, powerful and with a hint of comedy. Making of a classic.

This film is not set to release until 2011, but I’m giving this film an early plug. I know for a fact this movie will become a cult classic within the indie world. And I know my dear Friend Loren Boyer will blow you away his amazing performance. Keep a look out for Carl the movie in 2011.

Here’s the movie official pages   ( Only good with Firefox )


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