The Perfect Woman ( 2011 )

 My newest novel is called as you know it, THE PERFECT WOMAN, the title can be interpreted in many ways, I think it’s most likely to jump into the reader’s mind that this story is a romantic novel. It is in a way, for the insane that is. The story came to me on a weekend in June, when I was just walking around the house just throwing ideas in the old head of mine, then having the concept of  The Perfect Woman. It sent shivers down my spine.    

I guess because I was walking out of my usual storytelling, working in a different atomsphere that I’m uses to. I had my doubts at first, would this story pan out as the way I envisioned in my mind. I’m really happy to say ” absolutely yes.”    

KAREN –      

the character Karen was created because of Julyia   

Juliya Chernetsky was the life-giver for the character Karen. In no way do I know Juliya  personally, but , I wanted my character take some of her personality from the person I really saw, not the tv persona,  if that makes any sense. She was someone who I just wanted to mold my character into and I want to thank her very much for being my muse, without even knowing it. 

The character Karen in the story holds a double of life so to speak, she seems to be living a new life in the first 1-145 pages, only to find everything come to light as the chapters go on. The readers are given a new look at Karen for the first time, changing their perspective on her from the other chapters. Conflicting their trust in her. 

The story is based around New York, with a monstrous heat wave that has engulfed city for the past month. ” The End Of Days” people are screaming, I guess a statement by my part on how the world around is becoming and the rise of global warning that is staring us in the face. I guess hot weather and insanity go hand to hand. 

 I’m shocked at how much detail I have gone into the story, but I must ” Hold My tongue  ” for now. I can’t release more information, you’ll have to keep waiting until the story is released. But, I won’t leave you hanging, as I plan to release two free chapters  weeks before the novel hits the web for release. 



Written By: Jesse Abundis

Is set to release sometime in late 2011


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