Fairy Godmother

Written By: Jesse Abundis

Halloween, it dawns only once a year. For Maggie Phillips this holiday meant more to her than any of the others. Thanksgiving was a day to bitch, fight, standing over a hot stove, hanging out with relatives you wouldn’t spare a cent to, if their lives depended on it. You spent the day stuffing your face with the meat of helpless animal that was too stupid to realize it’s flesh was the worst cruse that could be brought upon it.

Christmas was the only time of year you pretend to be cheerful, buying meaningless gifts that would  be returned to store you bought it from, just for store credit. To people who never meant anything to you, like ex lovers who gave you a quick fucking durning that one druken office Christmas party. It was a holiday that left you with more headaches than cheerful memories.

Halloween was in a different league of it’s own, it was the time where you got to shed your old skin and pretend to be someone else entirely, the shy book could be seductive, the house wife could be a symbol of hope, were a damaged soul could look sane just one night. This is why Maggie relished this holiday, and made the most if it. This day was meant for her, the stay at home wife who married her high school sweetheart who wanted to be football player but ended up being a chemist. A housewife who gave birth to, two beautiul children. Maggie’s life circle around them, never travlled the world as she had always wanted to, she stayed in nowhere Ohio, being just a plain old housewife.

Each October 1st she would pick the perfect costume, looking through catalogs, making sure to never repeat herself. She wanted something unique, one that stood out from the rest of the drug store bought ones. It took her sometime, until she went with a Fairy Godmother with a nice white glittered mask all of it costing her $499.99. Money was no trouble, this was her day after all. A Fairy Godmother was a pleasant welcoming, no one hid from her, she wasn’t scary, they welcomed her with oprn arms and how the children would love her.

Within days she had her costume ” her new skin” ready for Halloween. Her husband would tease that she was too old to be dressing up. Her children had passed the phase of trick or treating, but that never runied her festivites.

Maggie would spend all night baking cookies and sweets on the eve of Halloween, packing each treat with her own family recipe, one that she had perfected through out the years.

The next morning, at the crack of light, Maggie would put on her costume in the addict, looking at herself for a good hour or two. She would then go down stairs kiss her husband on the cheek as he went off to work. Her children pretended to go to school, when they were really heading to a friends house to score pot. Leaving Maggie all along to her yearly ritual.

Maggie wouls take a drive two cities over in her beautiful costume with her bag of treats setting beside her, all smiles, looking to spread a little bit of joy into her world.

She would stop by a near by park, were many children played, unsupervised. Maggie smiled and waved at them. Every child pointed at her and had the look of shock on their face, they couldn’t believe their Fairy Godmother had come to pay them a visit. They circled around her, asking what she brought in her bag, pulling on her blouse, telling her how much they loved her. Their Fairy Godmother smiled and passed out one chocolate ghost cookie to each boy and one sugar witch cookie to each girl. But one was never enough. They beggef her for one more treat, how could she say no.

After all the treat where  gone, she would get back inside her car, drive away, waving at the children goodbye and wishing them well. Seeing their cute faces from the mirror as thay gobbled their treats down, never once wondering who this stranger was with the golden smile and why she was handing out free treats for all to eat.

In a few hours those children would become ill, a simple tummy ache it would seem to their parents, only to find their child in the middle of the room vomiting blood uncontrollably, a frantic mother would hold her child as they convulsed, while a begging father screamed at the 911 operator to send help. Never knowing each second that passed by, the poison that was digested by their child was ripping their insides. All because of Maggie’s recipe, a dash of sugar, one cup of butter and a small ounce of NACN+ H or as it was commonly know as Sodium cyandie. The perks of having a husband for a chemist, you tend to pick up a few things here and there.

In a few hours reporters would race to the scene and talk to the stuck grieving parents, as cops looked for the serial killer who no one saw, which no one would speak of within the months, a ghost coming into another city and taking the lives of the young once more. She was the boogeyman that everyone feared on Halloween, a simple housewife who spent her Sunday’s cutting coupons and partaking in all PTA meetings, who never missed a bake sale, who attended chruch on a daily basis and handed out food to the poor on Christmas. After all, isn’t that what Halloween is about, being someone else for one day, one time of the year.


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