Are We A Nation Of Fools?

Are we a nation of delusional fools, stuck to our parties ” Democrat and Republican” that we push the well-being of man aside. The fight to stop poverty is always side blinded by another less interesting issue, God, abortion, terrorist, immigrants. All well planed excuses to hinder actual change in this world.


How many times have we fallen for the old slogan ” Change Is Coming ” by both parties and still we wait for this change to arrive, while more people suffer. Where is the ” Stand by your fellow-man?” help them out in their time of need? Perhaps that applies to the more wealthy of Americans. Those who refuse to accept the idea of ” Taxing the rich ” This idea is the worst sin that could be thought up by man, taking their millions to help the poor will solve nothing. So, they say. While millions die out in their front door step.

Every politician tells us not to believe the other side, they pin us against each one like rabid dogs keeping us unfocused on the real matter at hand. They tell us the democrats are out to destroy the American life with their radical thinking, they tell us the Republicans are out to force their beliefs on us and start wars in another nations. Fear is the name of the game to keep the simple-minded at bay and controlled. 99.9% time it works, we all know it does, we’ve all fallen for the clever words and smooth talkers.

Do I believe our system has let us down, yes. I do believe the American dream is no longer what it uses to be, or perhaps it never was. The harsh truth is, we’re all to worry about our own agendas to even push for change and until we put our egos aside, we will continue to live in the circle of hell we have created. Welcome to the Nation Of Fools.


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