The Dark Knight Rises news


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The next title to the sequel to the Dark Knight is entitled The Dark Knight Rises. This was confirmed by Herocomplex in October 27, during an interview They conducted with Christopher Nolan. During this interview Nolan shattered one question in the minds of so many fans of the film “Who will play the Riddler ?” The answer to that riddle, NO ONE! The Riddler is officially out of the third film. This sent many fan boys around the world crying.

Tom Hardy is signed on to star in the film, rumored as a main villain. Let’s remember the most important word in that sentence “Rumored” He’s gotten a lot of applause for his role in Nolan’s other summer blockbuster Inception.  The – here’s that magic word-  rumors around the net by some unknown sources have Mr.Hardy taken on the role as “Black Mask” or even “Hush.” Granted those would be some great characters to see in the film, but, my gut tells me no way. We are in the early years of Batman’s career, and given how this film is set to follow the story left in The Dark Knight and not become a stand alone story, I’m pretty sure we can rule both those characters out from the sequel.



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