Geekachicas Article ” THE DARK KNIGHT RISES NEWS “

( this article is soon to hit the website )

We’ve been hit by the  major rumor mill storm these past weeks. First it was the rumor of The Joker coming back in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with Heath Ledger! That’s right, it seems WB wanted to CGI the late actor into the movie so he could have a small cameo, that news is 100 % BS, no truth what so ever to that story and anyone out in the web claiming they have a source to back it up, is a bold face liar who should be forgotten in a second.

The next big news to come out is that the next batman film will follow storyline of the BATMAN comic PREY which has HUGO STRANGE a deranged psychiatrist whose head over heels for Batman, so much that he wants to become him and have the real Dark Knight killed. What a charming man. The rumors also said that Tom Hardy will be playing the role of HUGO STRANGE in the next film. We were all ready to jump on this, but then this trailer for Batman: Arkham City comes out

COULD IT BE, where the rumors about Hugo Strange true and not true at the same time. Because the video game follows the storyline of Prey, and confirms all rumors that were being spread on to the web. Some people believe this is WB trying to hype up Hugo Strange. When in fact, I think people were just reporting news coming from the game not the film.

And as much I liked Hardy’s role in Inception, I really can’t see him as Hugo Strange. I just think his acting skills are better used elsewhere.

Now the last BIG CHUNK OF RUMOR is the leaked script! That’s right, someone claimed to have THE DARK KNIGHT RISES script in their hands. Someone by the name of Saint Sinner X who claimed to have the low down on the next film, he had Tom Hardy as Black Mask,  Hugo Strange as the main villain, Killer Croc in it too.. . blah blah blah this is fan fiction gone wild. blasted this rumor right out of the water. I have to agree with them, with a film like this, there’s no way in hell we’ll see the script leak. Some sites have pulled down the articles, not because it’s WB trying to do damage control,  because frankly, they felt like fools for falling for a huge fake rumor as this.

Let’s not forget, the casting is not even over yet! Come on people, we’re not going to see anything concrete fall into our laps until January. As I said before take a deep breath and just wait until we get some real conformation. But, if anything breaks by tomorrow where it’s 100% fact, I promise to let you guys know right away.


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