Blood Family


Blood family is a new novel that I’m working on that will come out straight to The release date is still unclear at this time, but that should change this 17th, because I will tag the official release date of the novel with YEARS OF REFUSAL this January 17, 2011.

A lot of you might be asking how in the hell is a novel coming out on Youtube? Well, think of it as a book on tape with a little extra something to it. I’ve always dreamed of working on a project like this, but never had the right storyline to work with. The plot of the story is in the title, and let me tell you ahead of time, this isn’t a PG story, not if you think of PG as Pretty Gruesome then this story is for you.

I really couldn’t tackle this story as a straight forward novel, as I started to write, I found myself breaking things apart to setup audio clips… Yes, there will be audio clips, like I said, this won’t be your regular book on tape. I do have a small expert of the novel in work, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

BLOOD FAMILY – Sneak Peak –

In a small town in Georgia, a mother gives birth to a baby boy. Her third bundle of joy.

This young thing cries out, covered in blood, shaking, scared, frighten from the sounds around him. For the past nine months he was shield away in his mother’s womb. Untainted from the world around him. Unlike his older brother and sister, who sit quietly with their father in the other room, annoyed at the screams. This poor little fragile sheep has no idea what these wolves around him plan to teach him, how they plan to use him, but for now his mother keeps him safe. She places the child on her chest, so he can hear her familiar heartbeat, reinsure this poor little thing that he is among family.

“ It’s okay baby, mama’s here.” She whispers to her child.


That’s the Prologue to the story, I’m really pumped in taking on this new project. Of course, I’ll have to work on my voice for the character, find the right type for him. Seeing how this story is going to be told in first person. The last thing I want is to sound dull and boring.

Full details of the novel will be coming out this March, and if you want to know the full release date you’ll have to download my book of poetry this January 17, 2011. Hey, you never know, you might like the book 😉 too.


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