BATMAN: YEAR ONE ( Coming January 31 )

I am rebooting Batman: Year One, which did release sometime last year, but I never did shine the light on it. So, after sometime I decided to restart the novel again. I’ll be hosting the novel here for all to read on my site. But today I wanted to treat you to three villains that will be appearing in my first Fan Fiction Novel Batman: Year One.


My new take on the silent giant

Now, don’t expect the old same Grundy from the comics. I wanted to bring the readers a Grundy they could actually believe, someone you could believe to be lurking in the shadows. I remember a friend of mine telling me the scene where Grundy appears is the scene that sent chills down her spine, because of how human and monstrous the villain was. I don’t want to reveal much, but the scene had Grundy pining down a mother of three who was offering him sexual favors for her release, only to have him laugh in her face and murder her.

As dark as it was, that’s where I was aiming for, I don’t want this novel to read like the comics, I want to put series in a realistic type of tone with the villains lurking around the city. Grundy has a minor role in the book, but he represents Gotham City’s past demons, mental scars,  ones that can never be undone.




New created character

Lady Rose, is a new character that I created for the series. If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s make the stories mine. I don’t mean to stomp on fan favorites, but I felt like the series needed a shot of  ” Jesse ” and all his madness to give it some life. ( Gag, I did refer to myself in the third person, just bare with me people) What type of role this character will be in this novel is a major impact, she’s the sign of the changing times in Gotham city. The photo on top, is the way I envision  the character in my mind and her beautiful glory.

3rd Babydoll

new character yes and no

I started to work on a new character called Babydoll and I was ready to name her as another orignal character for the novel, until a friend of mine told me that there was already a character name Babydoll in the series. DAMN YOU, BOB KANE! you beat me to the punch. Either way, I’m looking at this character as my own creation, as they share no similarities, only that they have the same name.

Babydoll is the waking force in the novel, she is the main villain. Second to the Carmine Falcone. Of course until she sets Gotham on fire and brings the old way of living to it’s knees.

Hope these characters having you wanting the release of the novel coming Jan 31 😀  Let me hear what you think, comment, talk, argue, disagree, whatever 😀 let’s hear what you have to say.


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