L.N.S.A ( Prologue ) remastered




Los Ninos Sin Alma
( The Children Without Souls )


5 years ago



August 21, 2014



They were all lined up against the walls, their hands tie together, their eyes screamed with fear and hate. They stared down the women leading the witch hunt. Her cold blue eye’s never once showed any sympathy towards them, their muffle screams and begs for mercy just slipped off her. “ Is this all of them ?” She shouted at one of her troops.

“ Felice is still missing, we’re scanning the area to find her madam!” He yelled through the racket.

“ She’ll be long gone by now, Christina.” A voiced yelled behind her. “ They’ve compromised everything we’ve built, everything your father believed in. “  He was a tall young man name Brice. A soon to be leader to the corporation they both serve under.

“ I killed their leader, they’re lost now.” She said to him, without turning back. Her eyes remained on the people lined up against the wall, old friends and colleagues who she once used to trust. . “ Tell me Brice, is it true what they say,” She turned to meet his gaze. “ you’re trying to rebuilt the L.N.S.A?”

He chuckled at her. “ No, never.” He brushed back his amber hair, clearing away the ashes that were falling on his head. “ We spent all our resource to kill them back in South Africa, why would we recreate another batch of those demons?”
“ God damn it, Christina, don’t do this. Constantine, was trying to stop them,” One of the victims was able to undo the cloth from her mouth. “ You can’t trust the company, please listen to me! “

She raised her hand and motion her troops to aim their weapons. “ You knew  the risk of turning your backs against this company. Now all of you have to pay the punishment for it.”

” God damn it, you have no idea what we were trying to do, find Felice, she’ll tell you the truth.” One final plead.

” I’ve heard enough.”  As she brought her hand down,  her men let their weapons rip into each victim, the bullets sliced into them, their blood painted the walls a bright red, their bodies toppled over one another and seconds later it was over.

“ Bravo,” Brice enthusiastically clapped at the spectacle. “ I knew the company could count on you in it’s time of need.”

Christina gave him a cold stare. “ Why isn’t Mao apart of the dead?” She asked.

“ Don’t be silly, a mind like his is too valuable to waste. After today, we won’t have a problem in keeping him under control.” He wrapped his arm around her. “ The company is in your debt, anything you want, you shall receive.”

“  I want his body.”

Brice stared at her oddly for a few seconds. “ If that’s what you want, then you’ll have it. But what would you want with the body of the man that killed your father.” She said no words. 



Phone Conversation



Date: June 20, 2020
Time: 1:35 A.M.




Operator: Password.

Unknown: Zulu, Niner, Kilo, Foxtrot, One, November.

Operator: Please hold.

-Short Pause-

Brice: How’s the project coming?

Unknown: Is that anyway to greet an old friend, Brice?

Brice: My apologies, how are you?

Unknown: Fine dear; just tried of being confined in that lab all day.

Brice: I’ll try to fix that.

Unknown: Thank you.

Brice: Now what about the project?

Unknown: We’ve made incredible strides in the past months, it won’t be long until it’s at 100%

Brice: Excellent. When will it be ready for a field test?

Unknown: You know I can’t determine that, this thing is a sensitive piece of equipment.

Brice: So, you had set backs?

Unknown: . . . .

Brice: I’ll take your silence as a yes.

Unknown: Rest assured, once it’s fully operational we’ll put in the field.

Brice: Look, I don’t want to be breathing down your neck, but we have a lot at stake.

Unknown: No need to remind me.

Brice: Then you know why this project needs to be accomplished as soon as possible.

Unknown: I’ll see what I can do.

Brice: Keep me updated.

Unknown: Will do.

-Call Ended-

July 5, 2020
12:35 P.M.


Brice: It’s good to hear from you sir, how’s the wife?

Whitmore: Cut the shit, Brice, I want to know about
Red Strom.

Brice: I’m afraid I can’t disclose that information, your clearance level doesn’t give you access to this project.

Whitmore: I’ve been faithful to the company for years.

Brice: And we thank you for that.

Whitmore: Let me finish.

Brice: My apologies, please continue.

Whitmore: But still I’m treated like shit on someone’s boot.

Brice: Colorful analogy.

Whitmore: It’s the Goddamn truth. This has to change, Brice, I’m tried of being left in the dark.

Brice: I understand your frustration, and I agree. You’ve been loyal to the company for almost twenty years, and it’s not fair to leave you out of the loop. So, Mr. Whitmore you have my word that I will fight unrelenting to change this travesty.

Whitmore: Thank you.

Brice: We’ll be in touch.
– Call Ended-

July 10, 2020
4:00 A.M.



Brice: You’re in. You now have access to Red Strom.

Whitmore: I don’t know what to say, thank you Brice.

Brice: It’s the least I can do for a friend.

Whitmore: You have no idea how much this means to me.

Brice: If you would like, I could arrange a trip to the base so you could see the project.

Whitmore: Yes, that would be perfect.

Brice: How does the 17th sound?

Whitmore: That’s fine.

Brice: We’ll be in touch, Mr. President.

Whitmore: I like the sound of that. Let’s make it happen.

Brice: Consider it done.
– Call Ended-

July 11, 2020
5:49 P.M.



General: You better have a fucking good reason for calling.

Brice: Why are we so angry today?
General: I’m freezing my nuts off in here, that’s why.

Brice: Well, don’t worry; I’m sending you a package that should warm your heart and those testicles.

General: And what that the fuck could that be?

Brice: A basket full of porno vids, wine and cheeses.

General: Shit, you know me too well, Brice.

Brice: But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

General: Hell if I know. So what’s on the agenda?

Brice: James Whitmore.

General: The monkey you boys are planning to groom as President?

Brice: Yes.

General: Shit, the guy who cleans the toilets is higher ranking than he is.

Brice: I know that, but all I need from you is to keep him occupied.

General: So you want me to feed him bullshit and make him thinks he’s worth a damn.

Brice: Bingo.

General: I’ll do it for the porno.

Brice: Good man.

General: Whitmore is a Republican, right?

Brice: You have a problem with republicans.

General: Yeah, I do.

Brice: May I ask what that is?

General: They’re nothing but homo’s, shit spews out of their mouths and they have a stick up their asses.

Brice: (laughs) isn’t every politician that way?

General: True.

Brice: He’ll be there on the 17th

General: Fine, I’ll humor the bastard.

Brice: Thank you, General.

General: Talk to you soon.

– Call Ended-

October 5, 2020
10:35 P.M.



Operator: Password

Natasha: Fuck off you cock sucker.

-Short Pause-

Brice: That’s not the password, Natasha.

Natasha: Who gives a shit?

Brice: And to what do I owe the pleasure of speaking with you?

Natasha: The shipment you promised us.

Brice: I’m going to need more time.

Natasha: You said that over a month ago, and yet, we wait, while our enemies devastate us on the front lines.

Brice: Natasha, do try to understand taking something as…

Natasha: Don’t say it over the phone.

Brice: Relax, this line is secure.

Natasha: You never know.

Brice: Anyway, the shipment is going to take some more time.

Natasha: How much more?

Brice: As much as I need. Now don’t call back until I tell you to!

-Call Ended-

October 27, 2020
11:00 A.M.


Operator: Password.

???: . . . .

Operator: Hello, password.

???: ………

-Call Ended-

November 3, 2020
7:00 P.M.




Brice: Sir, how can I help?

X: It’s time.

Brice: Very well; I’ll set the plan in motion.

– Call Ended-

November 8, 2020
11:50 P.M.



Brice: The new President of the United States of America.

Whitmore: I plan to make some changes, Brice.

Brice: Changes?

Whitmore: I want more control over the company.

Brice: Is this a joke?

Whitmore: No.

Brice: Whitmore, don’t think for a second I won’t kill you.

Whitmore: What?

Brice: I put you where you’re at, I can take it away in a heart beat.

Whitmore: No, you won’t do that.

Brice: How do you figure?

Whitmore: I know too much, Red Strom, you wouldn’t want anyone finding out about that.

Brice: Poor, silly James.

Whitmore: ….

Brice: Did you really see Red Strom?

Whitmore: What?

Brice: What you saw was a fake, something to keep you satisfied.

Whitmore: No, that’s not true.

Brice: Oh, it is.

Whitmore: I… I… I…

Brice: So, just remember, I can take everything away from you. To me you’re just a puppet, when I pull the strings, you dance.

Whitmore: Yes, sir.

Brice: Now, go give your victory speech, the American people are waiting.

– Call ended-

December 1, 2020
11:00 P.M.



Brice: Natasha, I’ve been told that the shipment has arrived.

Natasha: Yes, and it’s beautiful.

Brice: Stay in touch.
– Call ended –

December 31, 2020
11:59 P.M.


Operator: Password

???: Los Nino’s Sin Alma.

– Short Pause-

Brice: Who the hell is this?

???: I’ve haven’t heard that voice in eight years.

Brice: It can’t be, you’re suppose to be dead.

???: Sorry to disappoint.

Brice: No, this is a joke, it has to be.

???: Far from it. 

Brice: I saw you burn.

???:  I remember that day well, I remember the fire, but I never did burn.

Brice: Who helped you?

???: Let’s play a game, my old friend.

Brice: A game?

???: The game is called find the bright light. And, it begins in less than a minute. So, if I were you, I would keep my eyes peeled.

New York City
December 31, 2020
11:59:50 PM


Times Square was packed with people shoulder to shoulder, standing in the cold night as couples, friends, love ones and complete strangers, prepared to ring in the New Year. Because tonight you said farewell to the past 365 days and said hello to an all new.

Ten seconds from now, people were planning to make resolutions to lose weight, spend less, save more, become a better person and even make a commitments to clean themselves from past demons. One out of ten of those would stand, the rest would be broken within the week. Putting them back to the same routine as before, though none of that seem to bother anyone, because tonight wasn’t about preoccupying yourself with the future, tonight you party like there was no tomorrow with the people you loved.

” Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five…”Every person at Time Square began to count down as the New Year’s Ball began to drop. ” Four… Three… Two…” Couples embraced in a passionate kiss, hoping to start the new year with their lips locked around their lover’s. Friends placed their arms around one other, just thankful to have such a great company that cared for them so much. ” One… Happy New . . .”

The voices of thousands fell silent. The cheering, laughter and singing had been replaced with the sound of a dead echoing grave. It was as if time itself had come to a sudden stop, only to be quickly replaced with a thundering roar, and a blinding white flash that consumed and brought every man, woman and child to their knees.

Some victims had no idea that their lives had come to an end that night, others, who noticed the blast, had no chance of escaping from it, or even say a quick prayer before their demise. For those around America watching the event on television, they witnessed the first Nuclear Attack on American soil.

January 1, 2021
12:00 A.M.


Brice: You monster!
???: Funny, I could say the same thing about you.

Brice: Those people!

???: Were already dead before this event, and you know it.

Brice: What do you want?

???: Your blood.

Brice: . . .

???: As of right now, Los Nino’s Sin Alma declare war on the Companies. We’ll make sure to do what Constantine couldn’t, five years ago

Brice: You should be dead, I saw you die!

???: Still on that? Well, You should have done a better job in trying to exterminate us.

Brice: I’ll fix that, I’ll make sure to put you six feet underground. You have my word on that.

???: Talk is cheap, Brice.

Brice: I’ll find each and every one of you, If it’s the last thing I do.

???: I can’t wait. Monsters vs Monsters, who’ll be the last one standing?

Brice: cut off the commutations, these fuckers hacked into the base  computers!

 Call Ended

” Guess I wasn’t the only one listing.”

To be continued . . . .

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2 thoughts on “L.N.S.A ( Prologue ) remastered

  1. Reading your website, I got the impression you’ve written loads of stuff. You have titles, but no actual work. And what you do have contains a lot of mistakes. Am I missing something?

    • Yes, a lot of these were just 1st drafts way back in the days. All of my old works are being edit and reworked as we speak 😀 and they’ll be on the web this year and heading into 2012.

      I’m working on Publishing my first novel THE PERFECT WOMAN, my second book of poetry SIXTEEN TONS and also working on a top secret project that’s going to hit youtube by the summer of 2012.

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