YEARS OF REFUSAL ( April 8th )


YEARS OF REFSUAL is my first book of poetry, it deals with the world around us and the lies that we’re told from birth. The book containts over 12 poems and 2 added extras from an future in the works book of poetry.

Don’t miss out on this amazing book that’s set to launch soon, I’ll be adding all the reviews at the bottom. Hope you guys buy your copy and enjoy YEARS OF REFUSAL.


Reviews:  Jason Scott of ( )

* He digs deep, takes his pain and creates a transformable world of regret, hope, and desire. From the first word, I could feel a sense of fascination and passion through his words.  They are sharp, clear, and unafraid of expression.  I could tell as I dove into (Politics at Work) that I was going to have an incredible experience.  He took me on a journey. He states in the foreword that he “wrote this book when I was angry, upset with the lies some people close to me kept pouring on me, upset with outlook of where this entire world is going and close enough to lose the house I lived in.”  It is important for writers to have a distinct perspective on the world. My favorite writing is writing that is passionate and that comes from a dark place.  I recently befriended Jesse Abundis on Twitter about a month ago, and he has always portrayed a highly unique voice in his tweets.  As soon as he mentioned this book, I jumped at the chance to read it.

He crafts each poem around his life’s experience and the lies he has been told. In fact, we have all been told these same lies.  We are all taught from a very young age of the “American dream.” His dark tale is evident in (New Generation) and (The Hunger).  These have a poignant meaning to the everyday struggle of Americans.  Even I have fallen susceptible to the “lies.” While I do not fully agree with him, I certainly understand his point of view.  He writes with such fervor about how society sugarcoats dreams and living.  He alludes to reality TV that “[keeps] them from seeing the true reality of life” in (The Hunger). As a generation, we have bought into fame and fortune as being the keys to happiness.  He later revisits this notion in (The Pretty Freaks). We all have struggles and he truly speaks to every insecurity, struggle, pain that we as a race endure.  Our society paints this gorgeous picture of living in America, but we rarely see the man behind the curtain.  Jesse charts new territory with this book of poetry. His words are like knives into the heart of what America.  He is unafraid to reveal the truth.  Throughout the book, he points out everything that is wrong with society that ultimately culminates in (Years of Refusal). Here, we see the after effects of the world on him, as an individual.


( SECOND REVIEW ) By: Tanya ( a.k.a Sticky_t )

Build a windowless house
Build it from brick

Feel that? There’s nothing quite like poetry that hits you in the gut. And Jesse Abundis’ Years of Refusal is a book of poetry that does just that.

Hitting on all the controversy, pains, and struggles of life not unfamiliar to the poet and everyman alike, Jesse has done more with Years of Refusal than simply create a book of poetry that just so happens to also have an awesomely thought-provoking theme. He’s crafted a book of poetry that really made me think. Got me fired up. Motivated me to want to inspire change.

The word “fight” is used in his title piece, “Years of Refusal”. At its core, that’s really what this book is all about – the fight. The world can be a scary place to live in nowadays, and Years of Refusal covers it all.


Paperback: $7  ( )

Ebook: $2  (


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