L.N.S.A second life !?

As I’m nearing the end of  my big blockbuster novel THE PERFECT WOMAN, I’ve started to rethink about bringing second life into the novel that just left many readers breathless on sites like Writing.com/ Myspace/ Facebook/ and  Storiesville, which is was called the L.N.S.A ( Los Ninos Sin Alma or The Children Without Souls ) .  I’ve been wondering how to do justice to the novel that paved the way for this site and really pushed me to represent  Indie. In pure honesty, if there’s no LNSA, there’s no Jessenovels. It’s a novel that set my path into motion.

I have a volley of chapters that were finished for this novel, but none of them got to see the day of light. I’m hoping to either release them as a month to month chapter or just seek publication for the series as a chapter release story on a small indie publication. Like I’ve said before, I’m indie to the core 🙂

Either way, I’m gearing to get this the series back in shape and hope to get it out on the web and into your hands before this October. So, keep checking the site for more details and follow me on Twitter for any breaking news.


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