Indie Artist ” The New Root ”


Trish Boothby " Lead Singer " of The New Root

I can honestly say I did not who the The New Root where and what kind of music they played. But once I saw them on twitter I had to take a look and see  what kind of sound this Indie band was pumping out.

Their song American Tale from the album ” Talk Is Ending ”  is just hypnotic, it’s breath of fresh air, the song American Tale speaks to every sense of our busy lives, tragic crashes and new beginnings. Trish Boothby has a mix of Patti Smith in her and we can only wonder how this young artist allows herself to grow down the road. The entire band itself has a bit of the Cranberries in them but with a modern-day spin to them.

I’ve spoken about the change we need in music and how it needs a new voice, well The New Root seem like that voice that can take music where it’s been waiting to go. If they continue to write what they want and not sell what the market is looking for, they should have a career that goes on for ages. Because I truly think we are at the early stages of what this band can do, we can only accept great things as they reach out of their comfort zone and explore new territory.

Check this band out who hail from Bristol, UK. If they ever make a trip to Los Angeles and hit the house of blues you can bet I’ll be there waiting to see them live and talk to them if they haven’t gone all superstar 😉 just kidding. Check them out, download their songs and buy their album.


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