New Releases & Blog Tour

Now, if you follow me on twitter, you might have known I’ve been talking about this for quite a while ago, About releasing some works of mines from the past that some of you might haven not seen or got the chance to read.  Thus I’m going to re-release my classic work back online for no charge, and coming with it is YEARS OF REFUSAL, a kick off to my new book of poetry SIXTEEN TONS which is set to release sometime in January 2012. 

The free book of Years Of Refusal will come with 7 poems of the orignal book of poetry but still missing the whole book entirely and 2 poems of the unreleased book of poetry Sixteen Tons. ALSO the blog tour is taking  place this October 5, 2011 anyway up to sign up for it will get a free PDF copy of Sixteen Tons. Like before, hate it, bash it, like it , love it, just be honest to your readers let them know what you really thought.

Also coming back is my thriller/sci-fi novel called ” Los Ninos Sin Alma ” that’s be heading the web this August. It’s a classic and a story with just a never-ending race of action and destruction.



Come out this AUGUST 5TH  they’ll be hitting because I do love the rating system and easy to access method. Hope you guys are ready, RT, Tweet about it,  Post this on Facebook, just tell your friends. This is going to an epic time to be watching my next moves 😉


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