New Projects Coming

If you haven’t notice, I’ve been spreading the word on twitter about my new project coming to  RED MOON. It’s my very first web series that I am tackling and it already has four voice actors locked for the series,  actor Loren Boyer from the upcoming indie film that’s headed to Sundance “ Carl “ , and another face is Kitty Starr, and Peyton Pettigrew. The cast will only grow as we head into November.

The series plans to bring artist of walks of life to the table, right now I am looking for comic artist to lend their talent to the series as well. If you’re wondering what RED MOON is about, I can only say this “ In 2012, the serial killers come out to play” Not only that, but you’ll get your first taste of the series as the first official teaser trailer hits Youtube on November 15th then followed by a second teaser on the first of February. This a 100% indie funded project, which will also be on and if you want to donate to  RED MOON please do so 😀

Now moving along, my second big project is my new book of poetry SIXTEEN TONS ( remember first 30 to join Indiebookclub.deviant art .com will get a free ebook ) I haven’t set an official release date, but that should change by the end of October which will also included a free sample book holding 5 poems of  Sixteen Tons. This sample book will be popping out on the net months before the release.

A blog tour will be rolling out the first week of the new year, if you are interested just email at

But that’s not it,  Years Of Refusal / Sixteen Tons / Maladjusted which is a B-side of poems that I did not use for Years and Sixteen Tons will be fusing together and making a special edition book that you’ll be able to buy as a hardcover at and later into an e-book at Smashwords and Release date will be up at the last week of October so keep watching the site and my twitter account for more info 😀

Now, the end. The re-release of my old works such as L.N.S.A, True Romance, Saint Valentine , Bang Bang Blame, Fairy Godmother and the politically incorrect sketch comedy 3-Way ! Will be release in 2012 as I’m doing corrections and edits, a release date hasn‘t be set yet, but you might find one around the summer of 2012.


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