Occupy Wall Street

They were mocked by FOX NEWS, called hippies with too much free time, monkeys by one screaming fat cat, and also called an Anti-Semitic movement by the Emergency Committee for Israel and ass clown of the week, NY POST reporter, Andrea Peyser, who compared the protesters cry for change to the Neo Nazi party of the days of Hitler. Really, are you f**king kidding me?

Yes, there are some idiots with radical views, but that’s only a 1% of the actual voice that is speaking loud and clear for change. You speak to any of the real protesters in Occupy Wall Street, they’ll tell you that they’re not here to  spread hate, they’re here to stop the Banks and Corporations from having their hands in Government’s pockets and end the injustice that the middle and lower class face day in and day out.

Of course the 1% of the wealthy look at us and say, well it’s your fault for being poor, need more cash get another job, still not enough then get three or four, want go to school too, heck, just whore yourself out to make ends meet. Here’s the big irony of it, some Republicans are clapping and applauding their hands for the 1% stand and mocking of the Occupy Wall Street … MOTHER FUCKERS YOU’RE APART OF THE 99%..  If you’re living through paycheck to paycheck, in line for food stamps, or buying everything from the 99cent store, then you’re not in the 1%

BUT, I do want to make one thing clear, not all Republicans are bashing The Occupy Wall Street movement, (hence why I used Some Republicans in the paragraph above) because this uprising has brought together some youthful Republicans, Democrats and Liberals together for one cause, CHANGE. That just puts a smile on my face, I’m glad to see there are people willing to put the whole “ I have to back my party no matter what “ agenda away and focus on one core value, saving this country from going down the crapper.

So, anyone reading this article I say to you, speak up, join the cause, enough is enough.

The protest itself has caused change and set many banks into a frenzy, because movement is no longer just in NY, no it has spread all over the world. People wanting an end to the greed that is taking over Banks and having it spread to our government. Heck, even the politicians that called the protesters a “ Mob” have quickly done a 180, because they’re seeing that this isn’t just a Liberal agenda, because Republican or Democrat, we’re already feeling the sting of what the BANKS can do if no one puts a stop to it. With a generation unable to get a job in these hard times, this protest should mean more to them than anything on TV. If no one speaks, then nothing will change, but when we all speak, the world comes to a halt, and change is born.

As I worte this article the violences has grown, the officers at OCCUPY OAKLAND has put an Iraq vet in critical condition as he nailed in the head with a tear gas canaster, but what is more shocking is what one officer does as a group of protester try to recsue the bleeding vet.



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