Is Fan Fiction Art?

There’s a lot of debate when it comes to Fan Fiction, many authors roll their eyes at it, think of it as an utter waste of time. But, is it really?

If you look at the recent comic book films like Batman (my favorite 😀 ) Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern and the Super Man reboot , all of these films fall into the area of fan fiction. A lot of you might be saying ” No it doesn’t!” but they really are, take for instants Tim Burton’s take on the Batman franchise, it never followed the comics for the origins stories of the characters, in fact the whole series itself delivers a new  look into the world of The Dark Knight, and what do we call that? FAN FICTION

Christopher Nolan himself has given us the best Batman series to date and he too, has gone into the realm of making Batman more believable, and thus giving us a new retelling of the DARK KNIGHT  and what’s that called again? FAN FICTION

The only difference among the two is that the other brings in Millions, which is why people treat it with much respect. While Fan Fiction still the same is pissed on, which is utter bullshit. ( pardon my fucking language ) But it’s true. I’ve seen many authors who pour their soul in creating a new take on the classics and are just tossed away by many of their own peers. But I applaud these artists that had the balls to bring something new to the table, if Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton did it, why shouldn’t other authors? And if their films have been label one of the classics, why shouldn’t an author? Art is never weighed in the money you earn, but in the quality you bring & create.  This is a lesson lost on many today.

And in a way, it’s the Millions that keeps Fan Fiction from being called art in the eyes of many. But, if all Fan Fiction artists were given rights to remake the classics and sell them, you would hear a much different tone coming from the naysayers.  This is why I say to all authors, if you want to write fan fiction, then do it, because in the end it’s your own creation.  And of course Fan Fiction done in the right hands can redefine a franchise in a new light, all it takes  one author to take the franchise he/she is planning to create and make it their owns. Consider your work of art, the reboot for the next big summer blockbuster movie. Show us something new, show us something different, and turn the world on its head. That’s the reason authors get into writing Fan Fiction in the first place, to show the fans a new take on their classics!

So enough of this mud slinging, go out there and read or a write a fan fic yourself 😉




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