Jesse’s Angry: Don’t Mess With Indie

There’s an awful lot of bickering when it comes to Self Pub and Small Presses, if you’ve followed me on twitter, you would see that on #Writechat each Sunday starting at 12PM PST/3PM EST ( yes, that’s a short promo 😀 now where’s my bag of M&M  ) Many people shine the light on INDIE as though it’s a cancer that’s destroying the industry and the art of literature. There are so many curse words I could use when I hear someone say that


But, I digress.  A lot of this fingering pointing and name bashing come from many who are agents, or writers hoping to make good with the Big Publishers, hey, If you want to be with the big publishers that’s your business, but when you take a hammer to Indie and call it a “ Joke “ now you’ve crossed the line.

A lot of these people want to make you think that big Publishers were in favor of the e-book in its early stages, but that’s a load of crap. The people who welcomed the new tech age and ebooks into the world  were small press and self publishing sites like that were there in the start to help INDIE artist. The mere fact, is that ebooks and the internet became the biggest fear of the BIG PUBLISHERS, they might laugh and say never, but you look at the growing market of eReader and online sites like Smashwords, LULU, even Amazon and Google that are opening their doors to all artist, you can see the writing on the wall, times are changing my friends and INDIE is looking mighty good to these sites.

And this is making the Big Publishers cringe, they can’t live in a world where anyone can just come right in and knock them down from the mountain top. In their wrapped little minds they see anyone who’s a self-pub author as a thief trying to take their profits away and  the small presses as their mortal enemy ready to sit on their throne. It’s a crazy world for Big Publishers, because frankly, just like the BANKS, they refuse to hand over power. They’ve done this for so long, that they assume they know what’s best for the industry, but they really don’t

 My big argument with the Big Publishers isn’t about the money they make, it’s them shutting the doors on amazing artist out there in the world, they’ve turned the industry into an elite club, that the only way in,  is to kiss ass left to right and sell your dignity down the road. Sure you get the  one out of the millions, but it shouldn’t be so. The industry thrives in letting those with connections and money through the gates, even if their work is utter shit, look at Snookie from the Jersey Shore, how does someone like that get published when they’re millions of better authors out there ( If you’re shouting at the computer screen right now like an asshole, trying to defend Snookie, then you really shouldn’t come back to this site ) And If that doesn’t scream that there’s something wrong with the way things are done, I don’t know what will.

Even with all these faults, it’s them pointing the fingers at INDIE,  blaming it for all that’s wrong, when it’s them that have made art into a bad joke. INDIE just wants to end all this crap and get back to doing what writers do best, WRITE for fuck sake.

To any artist out there, I would encourage you to take the INDIE route with a small publisher or go it as a self-publisher. Because today, even with all the mudslinging, INDIE is growing as the alternative to what the market has to offer and showing the world that creativity is far from dead, it’s alive and well.

Big Publishers know their time is coming short and the industry is changing, they can either reach out to the indie world or try their best to burn it down, either way, it’s not going to be a happy ending for them. And, We really have the creation of the internet to thank for it, look at Music, Film, and TV, INDIE has reshaped what art can be and what it can become.



One thought on “Jesse’s Angry: Don’t Mess With Indie

  1. I think my problem, with both Indie and Big Publishing, is the lack of discernible discrimination. On the one hand you have the big publishers choosing based on the bottom line, profits (which should NEVER be a factor in the arts), and then the Indie self-publishing where there is no choosing except by the author. A lot of dreck gets published. Is desire to be an author really the bottom line on who gets their work out there? Maybe small houses are the answer.

    I’m just shooting the shit here since, not so secretly, I would LOVE to be chosen by a big house, would be happy to settle for a small house, and definitely plan to self-publish if neither wants me.

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