Today I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite Indie Bands out there today. Because just like all indie artist, these bands are trying to be a voice of a new generation

 First up is my twisted sisters from the North, MAD JUNE , the first time I heard this band, I was just blown away, they are the answer to what Alternative Rock has been missing these past years. They got a bit of   the Bloc Party/ Yeah Yeah Yeah’s  hope you become a fan as I have 😀

This next song I saw them perform on Strictly Global and what made me a huge fan of theirs 🙂




This next band is called Smile Smile, they have a nice soft tone, with lyrics that captivate  from the word go. A lot like other bands Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah.




This last band are called  THE NEW ROOT, I featured them in the past . I think they’re out of this world, they really remind me of a bit of the Cranberries, with lead singer  Trish Boothy flashing greatness of Patti Smith toughness,  😀 I wanted to feature them again, because they’ve release their first debut album Talk Is Ending, which you can purchase only for $6.99 they also have four free samples to download on their site 🙂



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