I remember a long time ago I talked about INDIE being under attack by  big corporations,  a lot of people kinda laughed and said ” you’re crazy.” In one case my own fellow ex-author CTK even said  ” we shouldn’t care or fight back that’s just make us lower than them ”  To that I say what a load of horse crap.

With the bill called SOPA that wants to cripple the internet as we know it, the drums of war have never been louder. This bill that’s meant to fight so-called piracy is just lame excuse to cut the life out of sites as FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, GOOGLE, YAHOO and hundreds of more. And what the bill fails to mention is that pirate sites would still active through old ISP ( 115.66.54 ) So, then why pass the bill? Well, KILLING INDIE, is  the name of the game.

With censorship grasping the net, this would mean sites like would also be under hot water, for A- Letting users talk, post copyright material or even the hint breaking the copyright rules. That means if you review films, BAM, you’re gone and blacklisted from ever putting anything online, you want to share an old pic of a film, BAM, you’re dead, want to post FAN FICTION, BAM BAM BAM, it’s over. This is no joke,

This would also cut US users from talking or reaching outside help, meaning all your favorite bands like MAD JUNE and THE NEW ROOT would be blocked. Also, kiss e-book downloading goodbye and mp3, because if you’re not buying from the big company, you’re not going to get content. Pretty fucked up.

Yet, this bill is trying to be rushed ASAP by none other than HOLLYWOOD. They want the net to die and they want freedom to die along with it, no matter how many jobs they cost or people lives they ruin, in the end if their pockets are full why should they care.

I know a lot of artist today that would fill the sting of this, I myself would know if this bill is passed, my site and my career would come to an end, until perhaps in 25 years when they rethink the bill.

It’s a sad world we are living in today, and yet the media has blacked out the coverage of this, of course BIG MEDIA has a lot to gain from this as well, cut the legs off the internet and people are back to good old fashion news papers, and tv to get their entertainment. And this is one of the reason I’m so fucking angry with this, INDIE and FREEDOM are at the ledge of being shoved off to their death. Why should creative minds be forced to the end their way of thinking just because some money hungry assholes feel threaten. Nonetheless this is the reality of it all. Any UK readers or anyone outside should know, if this happens in the USA, it’s bound to happen soon over at your home as well. This type of censorship is alive in CHINA, IRAN , EYGPT it’s a growing trend that keeps getting bigger.  

But now it’s our time to stand up and fight back, any artist who ignores this cause, I have no respect for you anymore, treating this as ” Why should I care.” Then, I really hope you do break a leg or two, because this new bill would kill freedom in its footsteps. This is why every artist needs to speak up and put a stop to this.


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