RED MOON 1st rough draft

Beware, there will be errors here and there, didn’t take the time edit seeing how I’m working on DARKLY DREAMING, but enjoy this first never before seen look.






Twenty-four Years Ago…


The knife plunges into the neck of a young mother, her eyes widen as she feels the cold steel lodge in her throat, she wants to scream but she can feel the blade pressing on her every word causing so much pain. A second later her attacker pulls the blade free, blood gushes out into the air, dancing so majestically, trickling onto her killers face, a young teenage girl who sticks out her tongue to catch every drop as if they were snowflakes.

The young mother wraps her hands around the wound, pressing as hard as she can to stop the overflow that spills from the corner of her hand and onto the bedroom carpet. Her teenage killer drops the knife into the mother’s ribcage, causing her to scream a mouth full of blood into the air, as she feels the blade digging into her heart. “You started this, I’m just ending it.” Her teenage killer says out loud with a bright blood stain smile.

“ Mommy?” A young voice calls out from the hallway. “Are you ok?”

The teenage killer panics as the door is slowly pushed open, she looks down at the dying mother whose eyes scream of mercy, not for herself but for her child, an unspoken last plead. The door opens, a five year old boy walks in wearing his astronaut pj’s,  holding his stuff rabbit, rubbing his eyes to wipe away the drowsiness from his vision. “ Mommy!” He screams out in panic as he sees his mother killer standing over her dying body.

“I’m sorry.” the teenage killer tells the child, as she looks on in shock, not for what she had done, but for the look in the child eyes. She’d seen it before.









“Are you fucking me, that girl did not have a dick, she had tits, man.” Five drunken colleagues topple out from a bar after a late night of drinking, the special occasion was for Joshua Flores 30th birthday, a young fit man in his prime and the number one sales associate in R.G Paper Distributor. They all swore they would get plaster drunk for this night and not worry about the consequence, so they swarmed the streets of New York, bar hopping from Saturn Lounge , Havana Nights, Rudy Pubs, Honey Pot an all lesbian bar which didn’t take a liking to them, and their last stop Brass Monkey. They left their forever lasting mark wherever they travelled. But at last 3AM was approaching and they all had to be in work by nine. “Joshua, back me up bro.”

“She had a massive dick; you could see it poking out from under her skirt when you were kissing her neck.” They all burst out into a drunken laughter, not knowing if they should find it funny or sad that one of their colleagues past four flirtations had all been with transvestites. Nonetheless, it made for the perfect ending to the night. “I’m surprised you didn’t feel it jabbing at your leg.” Another chuckle, this one loud enough to piss of the homeless on the streets.

Joshua smiled seemed to fade as he felt his cell vibrating from his pocket as they fought to hail a cab, he knew who it was, his youngest sister Helena. Drunk again over another broken heart, this was the six break-up in the last month, trying to stay up to date on her relationship status on facebok was a challenge in its own, she’d post non-stop whining quotes from some dumb overrated retarded vampire book, and then ask her 500 friends “Why can’t I find someone like Hector, that wants to spend entirety with me.”  40 likes and 100 comments, it was insane. Of course whatever poured online came back to him, with nonstop texts, phone calls during any time of day. When it came to getting under his skin, she was one that send him off the rails.

Here she was again, calling to bitch and complain on this occasion, but not once did she wish him a happy birthday, not via text, phone call, or even on his face book page, it all had to be about Helena, every waking second.

He dug his hand into his pocket and turned off the phone, while still trying to keep a smile. “She needs someone to lean on; she can’t help it not after what happened.” He could hear his late mother’s voice, so concern for her only daughter, never once bothering to think about the burden he went through as child or when he grew up, no, everyone had to worry about poor Helena. “Nothing ever happened to you, you’re sister and I suffered through the worst, not you!”

He could feel that sorrow always eating him up throughout his life, never gone, always hidden in some dark corner of his mind. Even now he felt the old memories seeping back into his mind, flashing images that took place so long ago, but feeling so recent, breaking down the wall he always put up, just to keep the sanity in his life. “Mom and Dad say you are a disgrace.“ He could hear his ten year old sister whispering into his ear as hey wept in his bed. “You should hang yourself and make everyone happy.”

“Wait up, Joshua, wait!” He snapped out of the trance, as he heard that small high pitched voice calling out to him. “You left your coat at the bar.” The woman that came running behind them was the six colleague that invited herself to this get together, her name was Lilly Sharp. The shy secretary with the thick rim glasses, who always had a story about her cat and seem to get her fashion sense from the teletubbies. Apart from that, she was Joshua’s personal stalker; everyone in the office knew about it. They all had gotten to the daily questioning she would ask them about Joshua. What did he eat, what did he say, did he see my new dress, is he seeing anyone, what‘s her name, is she a slut? Some at office even agreed they’d make an interesting couple, crazy and sane, yin and yang, the whole opposites attract. Though the love connection everyone swore existed was nowhere in sight for Joshua. He had no desire to ever touch Lilly in anyway; any thought of engaging in sex with her seemed like a nightmare in its own. He could only picture her high pitched voice screaming as she orgasm. It drove him insane, like nails to the chalkboard.

“Hey, Lilly. I thought you left.” They had been trying their best to ditch her, but nothing seemed to work. Joshua could have sworn they lost her at HoneyPot, all the lesbian took a liking to her, some of the busty women all seemed ready to strap on their dildo and give little Lilly a spin.

“No silly. It‘s your birthday, I wouldn‘t leave for the world.” She held onto the coat tightly, almost swooning as she heard him speak. Knowing that he recognized her exist was sexual gratification in its own. 

“ I don’t remember brining a coat?” He said as she handed it to him.

“Surprise !” She clapped her hands and took a snap shot photo of him with her cell phone. “Hope you like it.”

“ Lilly, you really shouldn’t have.” He said grinning the biggest fake smile in the world, but all this was lost on the girl that worshiped the ground he stood on. “I love it; you’re just the best…” She didn’t give him a chance to react or defend as she swoop in out of the blue and stole a kiss, one that seem to last two seconds too much.

“ AWW YEAH, DO HER ON THE STREETS MAN, DO IT, DO IT!” His friends heckled and laugh.

“ What was that for.” He felt the urge to scrub his lips off until they bled, but he kept that enjoyment look on his face as not to upset her.

“ Well, we’re standing under the red moon, it just felt right.” Joshua looked up to see the red moon hanging above them. “It looks so beautiful.”

Beautiful wasn’t the words Joshua would have used to describe it, he felt uneasy, scared, and tensed, the moon was making his skin crawl, for reason he wasn’t quite sure of. “ I want it to go away.” He whispered.

“ What did you say?” Lilly asked with her giant smile, still lost in the moment.

“ Nothing, yeah, it looks cute.” She giggled at his response. “ I better get going, another day of work, have to get a hour of sleep at least.” He chuckled, as he brushed back his long brown hair.

“ You want me to drive you back, my car’s just around the corner.” Lilly could see the speck of life that was peeking out from the abyss, her chance of sleeping with Joshua were good as any. “We could head back to my place and have some coffee.”

“God, no“ He blurted out, he knew what that meant. “ I mean, not now, coffee is going to keep me up and … yeah,  It’s fine, mine car is just a street over. It’s cool, I’ll see you back at the office.” He shook her hand and left with his new coat. Poor Lilly was left to find love and passion another way, that being her battery operated boyfriend that had been doing the job since 2000.

His friends all stumbled into the taxi cabs, wishing a Joshua a last happy birthday, and telling to bang Lilly whenever he was having a dry spell. “ Bro, she’s like clean, no one touch the surface of that planet, no chance of catching any STD’s and this way you can do it without a condom.” Joshua slammed the door on them and paid the Cabbie a little extra, anything to keep him from throwing their ass out of the car.

 “How is this a birthday when I’m the one pissing cash away.” He sighed and chuckled as he made his way towards his car. He reached into his pocket, wondering if he should turn on his phone, all you’re going to find is more over dramatic shit, don’t even bother looking or hearing any of those messages she leaves you, just let it be. You can’t afford to let it get to you, not now, it’s too late. “She’s still my sister.”  he took a deep breath knowing he would be spam with “ I just wanna be loved texts” The moment it went on.

His phone pinged repeatedly with the flashing display of over 20 voicemails that were left by his sister all marked urgent, the moment his cell went on. Don’t do it, listen to me, just let it go!  He played the most recent one left. “ I’m know I’m going to kill myself, nobody loves me, It’s not fair, this is it, I’m really going to do it. Is this what you always wanted , Joshua, me bleeding myself to death, will that make you happy. Will that make you happy?” He always wonder if his sister knew what kind of man he was, because everything she said and did seem to hammer some part of his soul that set him out of control. “Will that put you at peace, Joshua, when you see your baby sister dead on the floor, lying in a pool of blood? Will you just sit there and enjoy it, will you, Joshua?” All of it was just bitter, cold, disgustful words. Was this her way of revenge, refuse to come to her every waking whim and she’d take a bat to whatever was left of Joshua’s shattered soul?

He reached his car, his ear was still pressed onto the cell phone, listening to every last word his sister had to say, while never noticing the tears running down his face. He popped open the truck, “ I hate you, Joshua, I really hate you.” he open the hidden compartment where he kept his spare tire and an old brown wooden box wrapped in plastic, he ripped open the bag desperately like an animal trying to gnawed its own leg to save it‘s life, the moment he laid eyes on it, he could feel his heartbeat being to slowdown. The box was old and stained with red droplets of blood. He cried out loud as he reached out to it “Everything is your fault, Joshua, you always let everyone down, just kill yourself and make everyone happy.”

He opened the box to lay eyes on his most prize possessions, a knife that was his father. It was a childhood nightmare too him, Do you remember the nights he would spend caressing it to are naked body, always looking for the right spot to leave his mark His hands quivered as he held on to it He‘d ask if this was turning on, always waiting for that answer we knew what he wanted to hear “Yes.” He place the knife back in its placed and moved to the rope, he could relive the nights his father would have to tie him down as he and his friends took turns having sex with him. “It’s you or your sister” He’d whisper to his ear as he fought, making him choose, knowing he would never sell his sister innocent to him. He’d cried throughout the act, all he could remember was his mother watching him through the crack of the door, never doing anything to stop it. Why didn’t she stop it, remember how much we cried out to her to save us, and yet she did nothing

He moved over to the hammer that lay neatly wrapped in a silk cloth. This was a memory of his own, a moment that weak helpless child was in control, every time he held this weapon he didn‘t have to show weakness he could show people how frightened of him they should be, how they should never upset him.

Joshua began to relive the nights he spent using his tool. “Hey old, fart, learn to drive.” He could still hear their giggles, two teenage girls giving him the finger as they cut him off. He could remember following them for miles on end, trying to talk himself out of this, hoping to calm down, turn back and leave these teens be. But his anger outweighed any sense of control that night, so he followed, with them never knowing. They pulled over in the dark road, to take a leak, he followed them into the bushes, they were startled the moment they saw someone walking towards them, but once they saw who it was, they laughed and taunted him. They even asked if he came out to show them his penis. “ I bet you got a small one,” The blonde one said, “ He’s got a baby dick.” Her dark hair friend applauded the taunting. They were so cruel to him for no reason, all he wanted was to do was rest after a God awful day of work, but they kept on pushing him. The moment he pulled the hammer out, there tone changed. “We’re sorry.” They both said, but it was too late, he just cried out loud, wondering why they couldn’t have been nicer to him, he did nothing wrong. “We’re really sorry.” It all meant nothing to him, he cracked the blonde skull in with one strike, the other screamed bloody murder, her voice set him over the edge, he took the hammer and struck her in the eye socket blood hurled all over. “ Oh God no, help, someone help!”  He sat on top of her and bashed into her skull to stop her horrible voice that wouldn‘t shut up, it took five hard whacks into her skull before she fell silent. He could see her blonde friend still trying to crawl back on to the highway despite bleeding out like a stuff pig, her mind kept one single thought “reach for safety” But Joshua wouldn’t allow it, they needed to pay for what they did, so grabbed her by the leg and dragged her back into the darkness, taking his time to finish the job.

He turned off the cell phone, put his tools back into place and took the box into the car. He took a glance at his watch; it was 2:49 AM. He knew there wasn’t much of a window, he needed to calm himself down fast, there was no time to choose. Anyone would do. Why didn’t you ignore the call like I told you?


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