BRAIN OF BMW Interviews ( Me ) Jesse Abundis

It was a blast doing this interview with a while back, we sat down and talked about poetry, writing, and my book YEARS OF REFUSAL 

Here’s a quick sample of the interview, read the whole the thing at  

Greetings Brainiacs! I was able to catch up with the poet! He recently released a book “Years of Refusal” and gave me the chance to crack open his head and pick his brain! Check out what I found out!
Who is Jesse Abundis? 
[J.A.]  He’s just a guy from Los Angeles, who at the age of sixteen wanted to be an artist, who later began to become advocate of Indie in all shapes and forms, someone who’s never been sacred to say or write what he feels. Someone, who will not censor himself just to please a group and when he’s not referring to himself in third person, he’s having fun exploring new forms like movie making and drawing

Did reading a poem first spark the desire to write or was it an experience?

[J.A.] It was really just a moment in time, I was in a bad place and I was just very angry with the world and the nonsensical lies people would keep feeding me. That’s what really pushed to write the book YEARS OF REFUSAL, I just wanted to vent, lash out, and words are always louder than bombs. At the end it just felt so good to get it out. I don’t think this book would have come out any other way; I had no desire to write one before.

Were you born to be a poet or were you created?

[J.A.] I think I was born to be an artist of all walks of life, I can never see myself stay in just one category, it makes feel very uneasy. When I was younger I wanted to be just a Military suspense Thriller Author. Just tackle that over and over again, but as years passed my mind began to look beyond what’s in front of me and today I’m always ready to go into new territories, win or lose. That’s always been my mind-set, because in life our art work is for people to love or hate. That’s how it goes

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