The Death Of Innovation

We don’t live in the times of innovation anymore, that’s a cold hard fact,  we live in the time of being told when to take that next step in art. If you do it out of the blue, it’s called trash, it’s called a joke, but when the industry grooms a pet that has nothing new to say, just meaningless words that have nothing to convey, they’re given the world and treated like a God for having the guts to bend over and it take, while being poison to other artist wanting to take new drastic changes. People willing to think outside the box. And this is the industry tool in a way, they force artist to follow their game, they pose the question “ Don’t you want to be accepted, don’t you want to be a part of the system ?” It’s a fucking pussy move, but it is what they do.

Look at music, look at film, look at literature. The mainstream of the three branches are just old hash out trend, no one has taken that step to reinvent the art in their own filed, it’s just a very stale mate. They contribute the loss of interest, in the internet “ This evil tool that killed art “ No it didn’t, it opened people’s mind, it showed them the ugly monster that was trying to fuck them. Not everything on the net is gold, 100% true, but look what’s out there on the market, same holds for it as well. But, when it comes down to it, people are turning to the internet to find their entertainment. Give these new breed of artist a hand, because they are doing what mainstream fails to do, reinvent the old and tired, showing the big boys, the small dog has enough bite to rip your throat, but of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed.

With bills like SOPA, PIAA act that are still lurking in the halls of Congress, which is backed by MPAA ( Hollywood ) and RIAA ( All the big wig record labels ) are meant for one thing, destroy anyone that hasn’t placed their red lipstick on their ass crack. If any bill as these would past in the near future, you would see YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK ( Which can die for all I care ) , JAMENDO, EBAY, WORDPRESS, BLOGGER ,GOOGLE and die within matters of days. Because, this gives power to the corrupt to sue anyone for any damn reason, you talked about a film we didn’t give you permission to speak about and they’ll go after you, forcing small folks to run and hide. Because they know, censorship is the last resort to take back their “market” Which is a pile of crap right now. Nonetheless this would put a halt to any outside the box thinking.


A lot of you might say, “ Jesse, you’re crazy. One way thinking isn’t bad, it’s good.” Now, I’m not sure if any of you are gamers, but I remember the old Madden vs. ESPN video game war they had among each other. Each one trying to outdo the other, for gamers, that was pretty fucking cool, because we saw two different sides to the NFL experience, of course then the NFL merged with MADDEN and gave them the rights and license to make MADDEN FOOTBALL the official brand of the NFL and well, after that, Madden went downhill, because they didn’t have to be creative or come up with different ways, you were force to eat crow and buy their game if you wanted to play football. Do you see where I’m going with this?

We need publishers to push for that new idea, each one trying to one up each other, because that’s what makes art jump into that next level, you keep going higher and higher seeing what the next idea will take you.  The industry should look at INDIE artist as the answer to its problems, they have a group of hungry artist wanting to push the limits, open eyes like never before, and they have a group of artist wanting to challenge them, which they should embrace with open arms. Not try to pour all its money and time on trying to ruin it, in the end you’ll just have a lot of angry people who want nothing to do with you and you’ll see your own industry burn to the ground and burry your young six feed underground.

These are the hurdles all artist face, that looming cloud of uncertainty that can end innovation as we know it.


2 thoughts on “The Death Of Innovation

  1. I agree completely. It seems corporations and industries churn out easily digestible, formulaic garbage. It looks and sounds pretty but it’s so vacuous and mind numbing. It really is a testament to how dumbed down and over sensitive we are; the fact that they’re terrified of pushing boundaries or commissioning something that might make people think or react.

    • Exactly, it’s though as simple and dumb is what they think people want. Thanks for the comment Keith, follow me on twitter as well @jessenovels 🙂

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