How Does An Artist Grow?

You just can’t really help the urge to slap someone, when they’re going around the net saying “ A true artist grows, when they learn to follow the opinions of others.” Are you fucking kidding me, that’s the biggest load of crap anyone can just serve up in a plate, but my favorite is “ You study other books to find your own formula.”

I think a lot people over think art in a huge way, I honestly do, it’s not to say it’s an easy thing to accomplish, but when you start making this idiotic rules of what art is suppose to be and how it should look, you just end up making yourself look like a total douche. Art isn’t define by one standard look, it’s billions and billions of different ones. It can make me you hate it, love it, see God, believe there is none and just screw with your mind. And it has nothing to do with the book you read, it’s about the world around you, the people you meet, the people who hurt you in life,  that without a doubt is the major influence.

I think what a lot of artist forget is that, art is driven by your emotional state, it has nothing to do with the market, or with studying other books in trying to find the lost formula of Atlantis, it’s just laughable. Because that’s almost like saying watch enough porn and you’ll be the best lover, NOT TRUE, it’s all about the emotional state. If you’re angry write, if you’re in love write it, if you’re depressed, write it, if you’re horny, write it. Let the years past, let time past and you’ll see how much you grow. Because I can honestly say, if you were to tell  me at sixteen “ you’re going to be writing poetry” I would have laughed, I was still in the sci-fi phase of my life, but life has this habit of changing the artist, your tone changes, the way you express yourself changes.

So, to sum it up. Shut the fuck up, let time past, embrace life and fucking write until your fingers bleed. One love, friends 😉 

Read to enjoy yourself, not to rip off an idea douche 😛


2 thoughts on “How Does An Artist Grow?

  1. He speaks the truth. Art, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all liked the same things? Find your own voice. Be unique. Write from your heart, and not from your wallet. It art is not heartfelt, it is a lie, a machine, and the worst kind of intellectual masturbation. Create for yourself, and believe in WHAT you produce.

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