I’m going to be blunt and honest; a lot of artist today won’t stand up for a good cause. That’s the cold hard facts. When bills like SOPA and PIPA were lurking ( and still are) around the net, a lot of authors just kinda hid their head under the ground and pretended to not give a shit. I was shocked, a few of my tweets who are authors themselves took to their pages and twitter accounts to let the world  know and I take my hat off to them, because when censorship lurks around our times, it’s going to affect everyone. If it wasn’t for the internet, a lot of you would still be sharing their stories with their cats (meow!)


I think the greatest fear for the authors out there, is that they’ll be blacklisted by publishers if they speak out. So, they’re fine and dandy with censorship taking over them as long as they don’t get blacklisted, sorry to break the news to any artist out there, just because you hide when master lurks around, doesn’t mean he’s not going beat your ass when the time comes.


These are the type of Authors I just wouldn’t talk to now, you’re always talking about you new book, spamming people left to right like people were dying on the streets, but when it comes to the fate of all us, you’re gone, you ignore it. You can’t be bother because sales comes before art, that’s wrong, in a million different ways. Being an artist isn’t about having the label and doing nothing with it, an artist writes and speaks out against all social injustice. In these times, a lot of us forget that, that we have the power to use are words which are 100x louder than any bomb in the world. But we’re too scared to use them, because we want to people in that cool circle.


We halted the bills for now, but we are nowhere from safe. Different remodels bills are trying to past to congress, trying to make censorship a popular new thing here in the U.S. I hope when the time comes to speak up, you’ll be there, side by side with many different artist, letting the world know its right to repressed and hold back freedom of speech. Because there is nothing worse than having an artist looking out just for himself in this world, we have one too many of those already.


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