Who Gives A Fuck

We live in a world where everything is questioned, even the art we create. Artist today will reframe of doing what just comes to them, they’ll hold back in fear of backlash, is that the world we really created today? Where art itself has to be tossed around, until it becomes this child like toy where the market decided as to what is deemed, ” family wholesome art, fuck that.” Art that doesn’t say much, art that is brainless to a point of being a slow suicide? I mean why should we give a fuck, what some lazy little asswipe has to say about it. These are the people who never cared, never care for the free-thinker, these are the people killing art and yet we tailor everything for them. It’s insanity.

Artist need to ignore them, you have to do what is right. Forget what the market wants, or some narrow-minded fool wants, it’s time art became what it was meant to do, question your life, question your belief, open your eyes, leaving you wondering what is beyond the wall that’s in front of us. That’s what I had to get off my chest. One love, my friends.


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