Jesse Uncensored

Let me give a few words of wisdom to my brothers and sister out there in the world, working hard as they can to make their art pure to life, trying to ignore the assholes who try to put them down, the people who want them to go away for ever. Don’t, don’t doubt yourself and doubt be a silly little fool who listens to the advice these big wigs spew of their assholes. Don’t do it, don’t sell yourself short. 

Today we’re living in a new era, one meant for the INDIE artist, what does INDIE mean to us you might say, or for the most douchey of you, you might even say in your most dickish tone ” INDIE means so much to everyone one, so what is it, do you even know what it is?” So open your ears, because papa Jesse is going to break it down for you.


Indie is the self-published Author

The film maker trying to pour his blood and sweat to his project

That little band trying to fight tooth and nail to play a gig and let their sound travel the word

The comic artist whose pumping issue after issue

The Publishers who say, fuck the market, let’s give the little guy his time

Did you get it, if you’re still laughing and wagging your finger ” That’s wrong, that’s so wrong” then do me a huge a favor, fuck off and jump off the biggest cliff you can find and spare us your offspring.

Some might ask, who am I attacking, who is the ” They” You know who they are, the man working like a slave on the computer, working day in and day out to get so many artist to die before they even have a chance to write their first word. The people who want creativity to die a bloody death, so they can hump the dead cold body of art. Today’s world applauds the idiotic, if you’re brainless dumbass the world is given to you, but those of you who dare to stand out or make this world think, you are thrown to the fire and told ” how dare you make us think, how dare you be different.”

You know what, different is good, it shows us how fucked they are and how sane we are. I say create what you want, forget needing the approval of others, don’t beg and run around like a dog chasing his tail. just go out there and do what you must, friend. Time is too short, so my brothers and sisters keeping fighting, keeping pushing, never give an inch, never stop , when you see one those fuckers around putting people, you call them out, don’t let them drag another artist to the grave. It’s time for all us to make a stand, so my brothers and sisters fight, never give up the dream, and never let anyone tell you ” you can’t do it.” Artist are meant to defy the odds, now get out of there and do what you do best.




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