( This is my teaser of the Fanfic I plan to write from time to time, enjoy your first sneak peek )

“ Lucy, it’s time to put away your toys, this isn’t a joke, young lady!” Not once could Elle Myers recount the times she raised her voice to any child, she adored them with all her heart, seeing how she could never have any of her own, even if she tired. Being a preschool teacher was the closest thing that allowed to live her desire. Sixteen years to the date, her hair a little grayer, still the love in heart melted for them, but today was different, this one blacked hair child that ignored her commands was sending her off the rails, it was like nails scratching on the chalk board. “I’m ordering you to stop it.” The other children began to get out of control as well, why should they obey, when another didn’t. “ Lucy!” She screamed louder.

            “ Elle, take it easy.”  Her assistance tug on her sweater, frighten to see the rage coming from her.

            “ I can handle this.” Barked Elle, shoving the young assistant to the floor, causing the other children in the room to fall silent, they had never seen their dear teach act so violent.

            “We’ll behave.” One girl cried.

            “Shut the fuck up, all of you.” Elle stomped her foot on the ground. “ Lucy, I’m ordering you to stop that right now!” She yelled at lonely black hair student who played alone in the corner of the room with her dolls, humming her own little tune. “You God damn bitch, listen to me!”

            “ Elle.” The Assistant cried out from the floor, only to have her dear friend  cave her foot into her face. All the children yelled as the blood flung from the assistant nose, they all ran to the corner to huddle up for protection. “I’ll handle this!” Elle shouted like a mad man. “ Lucy,” She took deep breathes, trying to calm herself. “You do as I say.”

            “ And what if I don’t?” The little girl giggled at her. “Then what will you do?” Never once turning to face Ms. Myers.

            “You little cunt.” Elle heckled like a lunatic. “You really want to me to hurt you,” She tossed back her long gray hair. “With pleasure.” What am I doing, this isn’t me! Elle’s inner voice shouted at her as she stormed at the child, kicking over chairs and tables just to reach her. Stop it, you couldn’t hurt them, you never could, STOP!  “When I say something, you do it!” Her hand grabbed the back of Lucy’s black hair, making the child scream out in pain. “Is this what you wanted?” Her last words of anger, as the preschool’s teacher body was tore side to side by an unknown force, sending her arms, legs, head flying across the room in all directions, the children cried as the blood painted their faces and body.

            “Elle!” Cried out the assistant that was covered in the entrails of her dear departed friend, whose head rest on her lap looking straight at her. “What the fuck!?”

            “She was a bad lady.” mumbled Lucy from the corner, her back still turned from them.

            “ Lucy..” Stuttered the assistant.

            “Just like you,” The girl turned her sights at the assistant. “You’re as bad as her!” She pointed her finger at the dazed assistant.

            “ What are you..” The assistant body was sliced down middle as she formed her words, her lips continued to move as the blood was spilling on the carpet.

            The children all huddle in the corner, holding onto each other as hard as they could. Lucy rose from her feet, turning her sight on the children crying their eyes out for the fallen women. “They were bad and you cry for them, you make me sick.” She spat on the floor. “I can smell it on you, you’re evil as they are, you all have to be taught a lesson.” All the twelve huddle children cried as each one was tore from head to toe, no one to save them, no one to protect them from such a monster.


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